Ketchikan I say

I am sending you there.

For many people are hurting

Many need Me.

Many need to see Me.

I am sending you there to show

Me forth.

To bring Me glory

To stir and set a fire

sayeth the Lord

This was the beginning. These were the first spoken words. Ketchikan Ketchikan… I am sending you there… Ketchikan Alaska is where we were to go, not just go but move. God placed us in Ketchikan to live and love all those around us. We knew nothing about Ketchikan Alaska before Gods instruction to move. So we started our research about it. We learned that Ketchikan is Alaska’s first city and is located at the entrance of the inside passage. Ketchikan is on an island and is known as the salmon capital of the world. It is rich in Native Alaskan culture, art and beauty. Before God ever revealed to us that He was sending us to Ketchikan He put this profound love in our hearts for the Native Alaskan peoples. We came to spread the love of Jesus. Since we have been here in Ketchikan we have a deep love for the land and people here. God said there will be revival here and called Ketchikan His land.

Revival in Ketchikan

Revival. Revival will break forth.

It will break forth in MY land, MY land of Ketchikan. It will spread like wildfire. It will overtake. It will overtake like never before. Many will see, many will see Me. It will bring Me glory.

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