How will you see?

How will you see?

Will you see with the eyes of My spirit? Will you see with My heart? Will you see through My love? For many only see what they want. Too many only see with their eyes clouded over. Their eyes have been clouded by condemnation, selfishness, religion and sin. I have said, love covers a multitude of sins. Let Me give you clarity. Let Me give you eyes to see, for the world is dying. Those around you are hurting. Let Me give you My eyes, My heart, My love for those who do not know Me. Allow My spirit to transform you. Allow My spirit to fill you. Allow Me to use you to show forth all I am, to show forth My love, My spirit, to a lost and dying world sayeth the Lord.

Jesus Calling


Jesus Calling

Special Invitations. Special invitations sayeth the Lord.
An invitation from Me to humanity. All of humanity.
Those who seek shall find. An invitation
to a fresh realm. A fresh realm of glory. A fresh
realm of My spirit. A fresh realm of what holy people seek.
You must be holy to enter, receive and be a habitation of My glory.
Therefore seek and receive. Seek and receive sayeth the

Have you an eye to see?
Have you an ear to hear?
A fresh word from heaven I tell you. Fresh from My throne. Oh how I desire for you to hear. Oh how I desire for you to understand. This word is alive. This word is a living word. This word is from Me. This Word is alive sayeth the Lord.

Matthew 13:16
But Blessed are your eyes for they see, and your ears for they hear.