Watch as I do it!

Has it fallen? Has it been brought down? Watch as I do it! For lo, I will bring down the walls of religion. I will bring down the traditions and doctrines of man. For man has exalted and lifted up a false idea of Me. I will not be mocked. There are many who claim to be mine who walk in a form of godliness. It will all come to nothing. For the walls of religion have been built on selfishness, the flesh and pride. Watch as I lay waste these things that hinder and prevent people from getting to know Me. I sent My beloved son so that the world may know Me. I will cause My true bride to arise. I will cause My beloved to come forth and she shall lift Me up. She shall magnify Me and I will draw ALL men unto myself sayeth the Lord.


2020, THE YEAR OF FULFILLMENT! Fulfillment of what I have for you. Fulfillment of what I have corporately and individually. Fulfillment of all.

Let Me nourish you!

Let Me nourish you! Let Me feed you. Let Me satisfy you and fill you up. For I will give to you that manna from heaven. I will give you that new wine. I will cause you to overflow with the oil of joy. Yes, the oil of My spirit. You must be that humble willing vessel. You must be willing and obedient. Come, dwell with Me in My presence. Spend time with Me and know Me. For lo, I will nourish you. I will saturate you. I will cause you to be fat with My love, My spirit, My power and My presence sayeth the Lord.

What do you see?

What do you see? Do you see the unseen? Do you see My hand at work? Do you see the vision? Is it written down and kept before your eyes? Many have lost their sight. Many do not see at all. For they have allowed discouragement, the flesh and the world to blur their vision and blind their eyes. Many have lost focus. They only see the winds and the waves. They choose to see the storm. I said to keep your eye single. Keep your eye on Me. For as you do, you will see that I am moving on your behalf. You will see the mountains move. You will see the mulberry tree cast into the sea. As you repent and stand in faith, you will see I am NO respecter of persons. You will see Me do great and mighty works in you, to you and through you, all for My glory and honor sayeth the Lord.

What day is it?

What day is it? What will you make of it? Will you rejoice in it? Will you lift Me up and glorify Me? I said in My word, this is the day I have made, rejoice and be glad in it. For lo, today is a new day. Remember My mercies are new EVERY day. I said you are to choose you this day, whom you will serve. I said you are to take up your cross daily and follow Me. You are not guaranteed tomorrow. Eat the fat and drink the sweet. Occupy till I come. Do not regard one day above another. Regard Me. Love Me, serve Me and be My beloved sayeth the Lord.

Who lives in you?

Who is this king of glory? Who is it that lives inside of you? Who is it? Who is this one who gave ALL to make you his own? I AM! I am the Lord God Almighty. I have adopted you. I have made you My own. My love for you expands well beyond the scope of human reason. For while you were yet sinners, Christ died for you. You are created in My likeness and image. I have called you My own. I chose to make My abode in you. I chose to dwell in you and call you My child. Do not listen to the enemy. Do not listen to the lies of the world and the flesh. I have given you My Holy Spirit, the spirit of truth. Walk with Me, be My beloved. Know that I call you My friend. Be still, know I am God. Walk in My presence and in the fullness of all I am and see all I do sayeth the Lord.

I will sustain you!

Let Me sustain you! Let Me do it! For lo, I will sustain you. I said, I am faithful to complete that good work which I began in you. Continue to abide in My spirit and My glory. For I am faithful. I watch over My word to perform it. I will not allow it to fall to the ground null and void. Walk by faith and see My mighty hand at work. Remember, I said when you have done all to stand, stand therefore. I am the same yesterday, today and forever. Do not rely upon your own strength. For it is not by strength, nor by power but by My spirit sayeth the Lord.

Will you be intimate?

What will you do? Will you be intimate? Who or what will you be intimate with? For lo, many have chosen to become intimate with the world, the flesh, self and sin. I desire you to be intimate with Me. I desire you to know Me as I know you. There are those who say they are mine, yet they do not know Me. Will you be intimate? Will you choose to have that intimate, personal relationship, I so long for and desire? Come and know Me intimately. Spend that time with Me I love to have. For I love you and desire you. Know Me as I know you. Remember this, I knew you before you were formed in your mother’s womb. Choose to be My beloved. Choose to be My intimate, close friend. For lo, there will come a time when I must say to those who do not know Me, depart from Me for I never knew you sayeth the Lord.

Are you a carrier?

Are you a carrier? What are you a carrier of? Are you a carrier of My love? Are you a carrier of My spirit and My word? Are you a carrier of My power and My presence? For lo, there are those who carry around guilt, shame and condemnation. There are many who claim to be mine yet they only carry religion, tradition and a form of godliness, yet deny the power therein. As My beloved child you are to carry Me out to a lost and dying world. Be that willing, obedient vessel of honor sayeth the Lord.

Does it sing?

Does it sing? Does your heart sing? Does it sing the song of the redeemed? Does it sing of My love? Does it sing of My goodness? Does it sing of My glory? Does your heart sing? For I tell you this, as your heart sings of My love, My mercy and My goodness, your life shows it forth. Let your life resonate the song of love you have for Me. Let it emanate that sound of heaven. As you do, you become that sacrifice of praise. You bring Me honor and glory before all men sayeth the Lord.