What do I own?

Is it too much? Is it too grandeur? Well tell Me, what do I own? I am the creator of heaven and earth. The earth is mine and the fullness therein. Are you My child? Then why would you limit Me on what I can or cannot give to you? Why would you limit Me on what I can or cannot do? I created you in My image. I said, as I am so are you. I designed you to freely give, just as I have. I desire you to be blessed to bless others, not just financially but physically and spiritually. I will remind you of whose you are. You are mine, My beloved. Believe that I am. Believe in faith. For I will accomplish all I have said and promised sayeth the Lord God Almighty.

What will you hold onto?

What is it, what will you hold onto? Will you hold onto Me, My word and all I am? Will you hold onto your faith in Me, in all I have said and promised? For lo, many have chosen to hold onto that which seems right to a man. Many have chosen to hold onto the strength of the arm of the flesh. I tell you this, to hold onto anything other than Me, My word and all I have and am, you will sink and fall. I say, hold onto Me, hold tight by faith. Do not let go nor listen to the lies of the enemy, the flesh or this world. I say, hold tight and watch the mighty things I do. For I am your strength. I am your shield. I will calm the storms and cause you to walk upon the water with Me sayeth the Lord.

Have they swelled?

I say to you, look! Look and see. Have they swelled? Have your feet swelled? Have your clothes waxed old? Did you forget who I am? I am Jehovah Jireh, your provider. I am your source and supply. For lo, though it may seem to be a dry and barren place, I supply all your needs. Far too many do not look and see. Far too many do not take notice. Remember all I have said in My word. If all should fall around you, joy in the God of your salvation. I said in famine and destruction you shall laugh. You remember this, you are My child. It is My good pleasure to give you the kingdom. I said in My word, I so loved I gave. It is the enemy who comes to kill, steal and destroy. So lift up your head. Look to Me. Know I love you and walk in all I am, all I have and see the goodness I have planned and designed for you sayeth the Lord.

Will you tarry?

I say to you, search your heart and see. Will you tarry? Who is it you will tarry with? For lo, though I long for you and desire intimacy with My people, they choose to tarry with another. What will you do? Who will you choose? For lo, many have chosen to tarry with self, flesh and the world. They have put Me aside. I ask you the same as I asked My disciples, can you not tarry with Me yet one hour? I tell you this, they that wait upon Me shall renew their strength. I say, put aside that which comes to naught. Put aside that which draws you away. Come, tarry with Me. Know Me as I know you. Set your affections, your attention and desire upon Me and know I love you. I will strengthen you and abide in and with you sayeth the Lord God Almighty, the Lord God of heaven and earth.

Will you go?

Will you go? Will you meet Me? Will you walk up the mountain to be with Me? For lo, I am calling to you. I say come, come up hither. Come up and let Me hide you in the midst of My glory. Come up here, where you will be hidden from all others. I say come up here and talk with Me as a man talks with his friend. As you do, My glory shall be apparent in you. My love, My power, My spirit and all I am shall be apparent on you and through you. You don’t focus on that. You focus upon your relationship with Me. Know this, I WILL use you. I will use you to draw men to Me. You shall draw men by your relationship with Me. Some will be repelled and yet others will be convicted. You just love Me and come up hither to where I am at and be mine sayeth the Lord.

What will you listen to?

What is it? What will you listen to? Will you listen to My voice? Will you listen to My spirit? Will you listen to the flesh? Will you listen to the world and the enemy? I ask you this, what has become the loudest? What have you set your ear to and paid attention to? You see, you must decide. You must choose. You must choose what and who you will listen to. Many try to listen to both yet this cannot be. It will never work. For the two contradict each other. Just remember, in the world and the flesh there is but death. In Me, My word and My spirit there is life. Yes, life and life more abundantly. I say, choose Me. Choose life. Choose to turn away from the flesh, sin and the world. Follow Me. Lay down your life. For I will lead you into the paths of righteousness sayeth the Lord.

Are you faint?

Are you faint? Let Me refresh you! Are you weak and weary? Let Me strengthen you. For I am the oil and the wine. I am the fat and the sweet. I say, set your eyes upon Me, worship Me, praise Me, give thanks for who I am. For I inhabit the praises of My people. I tell you, I will come when all others will pass you by. I say, joy in Me, the God of your salvation. For in My presence is fullness of joy. When you are weak, know that I am strong. For I have said, the joy of the Lord IS your strength. Know that I uphold you by the strength of My right arm. So when you have done all to stand, stand therefore and see the mighty works I do sayeth the Lord of glory, the great God of heaven and earth.

Be it!

Be it! Be My hands. Be My feet. Be My instrument of love. I tell you, be that which I designed you to be. Many have chosen not to. Many who say they are mine do not and will not, for their hearts are full of fluff. Their hearts are full of lies and deceit. They cannot be what they do not know. No, they cannot be what they are not. I say, be My beloved, be My true bride, be ye being filled with My spirit. Remember that which I have said in My word, as I am so are you. I say, dwell in Me, dwell in My presence. Be the example of who I am and all I am. For as you do, I will draw all men unto Me and bring the increase sayeth the Lord.

Where have you laid it?

Where have you laid it? Where have you laid your trust? Have you laid it in Me? Have you laid it in the riches of men? Have you laid it in wisdom or the world? Have you laid it in your own strength? Where is it, where have you laid it? For lo, many have laid their trust in that which fades away. Yes many, even those who say they are mine have laid their trust in another. Yet I have said, trust in Me with all your might and lean NOT unto your own understanding. Know that I will not fail, nor can I. For I do not lie. I tell you, as you trust Me and put all your faith in Me, I will prove myself over and above all you could ask, think or hope for. I say lay it all down before Me. Lay it all upon the altar. For I have said, give and it shall be given unto you. Trust Me, rely upon Me and watch the mighty things I do sayeth the Lord.

Has it cleaved to you?

Have you stood your ground? Have you held onto My word? Has it cleaved to you? For lo, I am your strength. I say watch as I cause My word to cleave to you. For lo, though you may seem weary, the enemy will not even be able to peel My word from out of your hand. Remember what My word says? My word is the sword of the spirit. I tell you, wield it with a mighty force. For you shall do the enemy great damage. I have given you the victory. I say, go in and take the spoils that belong to you. I say again, let My word cleave to you. Do not let go, no matter what may appear or happen, for My word is true. Just remember, I watch over My word to perform it. I have magnified My word above My very name. Trust Me and see the victory sayeth the Lord.