What will you see?

What is it? What will you see? Will you see My glory? Will you see Me move? Will you see My word accomplishing all I sent it out to do? What will you see? For lo, many will only see through the eyes of the flesh. They will only see this natural realm. I tell you, see with the eyes of faith. For I have given you the eyes to see. See Me move mightily on your behalf. See Me fulfill all I promised and said. See yourself as I see you. For I said, as a man thinketh, so is he. Step out and be a doer of My word and see Me move mightily, in you and through you sayeth the Lord.

What will come out?

What is it? What will come out? What will come out of you when you are squeezed? What will come out when you are pressed on every side, crushed but not destroyed and persecuted yet not forsaken? What will come out? For lo, out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Will the world? Will the flesh? Will selfishness, pride and sin? What will come out? As My child, that which comes out should only be Me, My word and My spirit. That which comes out of My people is supposed to be faith, hope and love, yet for some it is doubt, fear and unbelief. I tell you, be full of My spirit. Be full of My love and My word. Be full to overflowing and let it come out. Let it come out in the midst of the bad times AND all the good times sayeth the Lord.

What is it?

What is it? What is My greatest joy? It is you! For you are the apple of My eye. You were the joy set before Me as Christ hung upon that cross. I proved My great love for you as My son, Jesus Christ, hung upon the cross. I so loved you I gave My one and only son to die for you, to restore relationship that was lost in the garden of Eden. Do not be deceived. Do not listen to the lies and deceit of the enemy. For lo, I dance over you with joy. I sing over you. Be My beloved. I have called you by name. I have loved you from the foundations of the world. For Christ was crucified from the foundations of the world. Come, love Me as I love you. Know Me as I know you. For I tell you, nothing can separate you from My love sayeth the Lord of hosts.

How deep?

How deep? How deep are you rooted? Are you rooted at all? Have you become rooted and grounded in Me and in My word? For lo, there are many who are not. There are those who only have shallow roots. They have relied upon man, teachers, leaders, denominations and doctrines of men. Their roots are sickly and rotten. For they are rooted in religion. Many have rooted in poor soil, some have no soil at all. I would that you become rooted in Me. Let your roots run deep. For as you do, though the storms may rage and the winds blow, you will stand. The rest will be either blown away (for they have no root) or topple over and blown down. For their root is shallow, decayed and dying. Be set and established. For in Me, you will stand firm. I tell you this, when all falls around you, you will stand. For I will hold you up sayeth the mighty Lord of hosts.

Do you know what to speak?

Do you? Do you know what to speak? Do you know what to pray? Do you know what to pray when words fail you? I tell you this, pray in the spirit. Pray in the heavenly language I have for you. When you have no words, when deep calls out to deep, pray in the spirit. For I will cause you to pray out My perfect will. I will cause you to pray out the hidden things and mysteries will be unlocked. My spirit will move your tongue. I will put My words in your mouth. For lo, the prayers of a righteous man availeth much sayeth the Lord.

Will you activate it?

What will you do with your faith? Will you activate it or will you let it lay dormant? For lo, EVERY man has been given the measure of faith, yet many have not activated it. Some have just misplaced it. Others have used it incorrectly. As My child, activate your faith. Activate it just as you activate dry yeast. For as you do, it will grow. Feed it, water it and watch as it becomes bigger and bigger. I said, faith without works is dead. Remember this, you bring Me joy. You make Me happy and please Me when you use your faith. So, activate it! Use it and watch as it grows mightily. Yes, watch as I am glorified and lifted up in your obedience, belief and being a doer of My word sayeth the Lord God Almighty.

Will you pour it?

Will you pour it? Will you pour out that which is so precious upon the altar for all to see? Pour it out and let the enemy see it. For lo, I am the Lord. I answer by fire. I am that consuming fire. I will cause My fire to come and lick up the offering, the wood and the stones. It will be a sweet smelling savor in My nostrils. I tell you this, it will cause all your enemies to be put to shame. All will see, all will hear and all will know I am with you. Do not forget what I said, give and it will be given unto you. Pour it out, offer it all up to Me and I will refill you to overflowing. I will fill you up and give to you above all you could ever ask, think or hope for sayeth the Lord.

Let it burn!

Let it burn! Let My fire burn within you. Will you? Will you let it burn? Will you let it burn or will you let it go out? Know this, it is My fire that refines. It is My fire that purges. It is My fire that separates that which is a treasure and that which is not. Be full of My word. Be full of My spirit. For I will cause you to burn and burn and burn like never before. Those who would try to destroy you will be consumed. Do not forget, I am with you in the midst of the fire. I said I will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire. Do not allow My fire to go out. Do not put it out with the world, the flesh, pride, self, religion and tradition. Abide in My presence. Dwell in My glory. As you do the enemy touches you not. Burn for Me. Let My fire burn so hot in you, you set those around you ablaze for Me sayeth the Lord of hosts.

Have you eaten?

Have you eaten? Are you full? For lo, I have supplied you with fresh manna. I have given you My new wine. I tell you, you are to be full. Full of My spirit, full of My word and full of My love. I tell you, eat while you may. For it may not be offered again. Know this, the food I offer you will sustain you. It will refresh you and strengthen you. For man does not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of My mouth. I said to eat the fat and drink the sweet. It is time for you to feast on the meat of My word. Be full, have excess. For when you do, you will come into the bride chamber with Me. Those who are not full of the oil of My spirit will be locked out where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth sayeth the Lord.

Will you eat it?

Will you eat it? Will you take the scroll from My hand? Will you eat it? For lo, as you eat it, it will be sweet in your mouth. Know this, it will become bitter in your stomach. It will be just like fire shut up in your bones. I tell you, eat up My word. Let it go down deep inside of you. It will burn and desire release. I tell you, as you speak it out it will be sweet upon your lips. It will pierce the hearts of those who hear. Eat that which I offer you. Eat that which only I can give. For it shall be mighty and glorious and used for My great name’s sake sayeth the Lord.