Has it sped up?

What time is it? Look and see! For lo, the time of My coming is at hand. The time of the end of the age is coming to an end. I said you will not know the day but you will know the season. Has it sped up? I tell you it has. For the time is now. The time for My beloved bride to prepare herself. Awaken oh ye sleeper, sleep no more. For this new move of My spirit has begun. Do not look to the left hand or to the right. Keep your eye single. Occupy till I come and watch and pray. Be that faithful witness. Yes, be that wise virgin. For lo, I will do things in a greater measure. I will use you in a greater way. Time is short. Come, follow Me and fulfill all that I put inside of you. For I am faithful to complete that good work I began in you. I will be glorified. I will be lifted up and I will draw all men unto Me sayeth the Lord.

Has it been provided?

Has it been provided? I tell you yes, yes it has. For I have provided all you need. I have and will supply everything you need. For I AM Jehovah Jireh. I have called you to do great and mighty things in Me, by Me and for Me. I have gone before you. Do not worry or fear about what you need. For I know what you need. I am your source and supply. In Me is no lack. Trust in and rely upon Me. Watch as I move on your behalf. For I have called you to be My witness. I have called you to testify of Me. I have NOT given you a spirit of fear but of love, power and a sound mind. For you are mine and I am yours. You are My beloved. With Me nothing is impossible sayeth the Lord.

Have you killed it?

What has happened? Has it killed it? I tell you yes, yes it has. For lo, doubt and unbelief are opposite of faith. I said you are to believe that you receive. Do not let doubt and unbelief kill that seed of faith. Do not allow yourself to hinder, dig up and destroy that seed by allowing doubt and unbelief in. I came to give you life and life more abundantly. It is My good pleasure to give you the kingdom. Every good and perfect gift is from above. So speak the word only. Speak life, speak faith and believe. I have given you the measure, use it. It is the enemy who came to kill, steal and destroy. Do not be a mouthpiece for death, doubt and unbelief. Put the enemy to an open shame. Stand firm and see that My word will not return void. It will accomplish all I sent it out to do sayeth the Mighty Lord of hosts.

Will it be?

Will it happen? Will it be? How much? How little? That is up to you. For I said, such as your faith, be it unto you. What will you put your faith into? Will it be Me or the flesh? Will your faith be big and mighty? Will it be tiny and small? Do not be as those of little faith. Put your faith to work. Put your faith in action. I said, faith without works is dead. Use your faith, believe Me for great things. I am El Shaddai. I am Jehovah Jireh. I own the cattle on one thousand hills. The earth is mine and the FULLNESS therein. I am not slack concerning My promises. I tell you this, believe that I am and I am a rewarder of those who diligently seek Me. For I am willing. I am able and it is My good pleasure to give you the kingdom sayeth the Lord.

Where is it?

Where is it? Has it been covered? Has it been hidden? Has it been spoken in the secret places? Has it been whispered in the ear? Know this, that which has been hidden will be exposed. That which has been spoken in the secret places shall be known. That which has been whispered in the ear shall be yelled from the housetops. For the time is at hand. I will expose the righteous. I will expose those hidden in Me. I will set them up and magnify My beloved bride. Yes, those who are donning their wedding garments shall be seen. Know this, My light will expose all that is false. Those who walk in the flesh, the world and self, their nakedness will be exposed. All that offends and defiles shall be broadcast. I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked. So I say turn ye, turn to Me and yet live. Humble yourself, crucify the flesh, take up your cross and follow Me. For I will expose all. All good and all that is not sayeth the Mighty Lord of hosts.

Was it imprinted?

Was it imprinted? What was done? Has My word been written on the tablets of your heart? For many it has just become knowledge. They know My word yet it is not real or alive to them. I said My word is alive and active. It is sharper than any two edged sword, dividing asunder soul and spirit. Hunger to know Me. Hunger to know My word. Hunger to know My spirit. For lo, I will be found of you. Ask of Me and I will reveal Myself to you. I said I would give you My Holy Spirit, the spirit of truth. He will lead you into all truth. Come to Me, humble yourself and allow Me to imprint My word, My spirit, My love and all I am in you and on you sayeth the Lord.

Will you receive?

Will you receive of My goodness or will you run away? Will you allow me to rain down upon you? For lo, there are those who would stand under the umbrella of the flesh, self and religion. They refuse to allow me to rain upon them at all. There are those who only desire but a sprinkling or a light mist. They never desire to have more of Me, My Spirit or My presence. I desire to rain down upon My people. For I will bring a deluge to those who are hungry, willing, humble and obedient. I will saturate them and flood them with all I am. Allow Me to rain upon you. Allow Me to wash away all that is not of Me. Let Me saturate you with My spirit, My power and My glory. For as you do, you will be UNMISTAKABLE. You will be known as I am known. You will be My beloved beautiful bride sayeth the Lord of Glory.

Let Me reveal it!

Can I do it? Will you let Me? Let Me reveal it. Let Me reveal the hidden things. For I will shine brightly and reveal that which was previously hidden before. My light will expose that which is foul and dirty AND that which is rich, beautiful and clean. My pure bride will come forth and be revealed. She shall stand forth and stand out in the midst of this world. For she is pure, holy and set apart for Me. I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked. So turn to Me all who are defiled with spots and wrinkles. Let Me cleanse you and make all things new. Know this, you are either for Me or against Me. Darkness never overtakes light. Be My children, children of light. For all will be exposed. All will come forth. I am just in all My ways and My judgement is true sayeth the Mighty Lord of hosts.

Are you covered?

Are you covered? With what? What are you covered with? Are you covered with My spirit? Are you covered with My presence? Are you covered with My glory? For lo, many are covered in dirt and filth of the flesh, the world, self and sin. They have allowed their garments to be covered and spotted with the dung of the flesh. I said I come for a pure bride. Be not deceived, do not listen to or heed the lies and deceit of the enemy. Come to Me, let Me wash you and clean you and make you whiter than snow. Be covered in the blood of the Lamb. Be covered and walk under the shadow of My hand. I will cover you with My peace, My joy and My fullness. Just abide in Me. For lo, you are mine and I am yours. I have given you a robe of righteousness. I have given you My name. I have covered you as a hen covers her chicks sayeth the Lord.

Has it come?

Look and see! Has it come? Has judgement come? For lo, judgement comes to My house first. I tell you, it has come. It has begun. I said in My word I would separate sheep from sheep and goats from he goats. I have widened the gap. I have created the dividing line. For I come for a pure bride, a Holy people, a royal priesthood without spot or wrinkle. Draw near to Me, be My beloved. For I am shaking the tree right now. Only the good, pure solid fruit will remain. Only those who are secure in Me, My word and My spirit will not fall. Those who are sickly, diseased and rotten will be shaken off and fall. The fall of them will be great. I will shake My body. I will shake My “church” and the true, righteous fruit will remain. For they are set, secure and grounded in Me sayeth the Lord. Ezekiel 34:8-22