Let it go!

Let it go! Let go of the things of the past, the things of old. Let go of your traditions. Let go of your rituals and ways of thinking. I told you in My word, you are to forget the things behind and press on towards the mark. You are to press on towards My high calling in Christ Jesus. It has been long enough. I am not an old God. I am new every morning. I said, behold I do a new thing. Let go of what you believe and think I will do. Let go of your self, your pride and all that keeps you from fulfilling that which I have created and called you to be and do. For until you do, I will not be able to complete all I desire in and through you. Yet know this, as you are humble and obedient, I will work mightily and do miraculous works in and through you sayeth the Lord.

What instrument will you be?

Do you even realize it? Do you know or recognize you are an instrument? What instrument will you be? Will you be an instrument used for My glory? Will you be an instrument used for My praise? Will you be an instrument of honor, an instrument of righteousness in My hand? Know this, those who walk in the flesh, the world, sin and death are an instrument for the enemy. Those who live and abide in religion, tradition and that which seems right to a man are but vomit in My mouth. They have become an instrument of mediocrity, hypocrisy and flesh. I said, choose you this day whom you will serve. Choose today, what type of instrument you shall be. I would that you be an instrument of My life, My love, My spirit and My fullness. For I will use you. I will wield you in My hand and bring in a great harvest for My glory sayeth the Lord.

Will you put it on?

Will you put it on? Will you put on the garments of praise for the spirit of heaviness? Will you put on My righteousness? Will you put on the coat I have for you? For lo, you shall be known by the garments you wear. Many have chosen to wear the garments of self, sin and the flesh. Others have chosen to wear the garments of religion, tradition and that which seems right to a man. I tell you, cast off all that will fade and leads to nothing. Come, put on that which is eternal, that which will remain. Be clothed with My beloved son Jesus Christ so as your nakedness will not be shown. Be clothed in garments I have made for you. Be clothed with garments whiter than snow, without spot or wrinkle, so as you may come boldly before Me blameless and without reproach sayeth the Lord.

Has it opened up?

Has it? Has it opened up? Has the stone been rolled away? Will you step forth? I have called out to you. I have called you by name. Will you stay in that place? Will you come out and walk in the supernatural? Will you walk in the newness of life I have for you? I said I have taken you out of the dark into My glorious light. You must choose. For lo, the stone HAS been rolled away. Will you step out? I tell you, it is your choice. I have set before you life and death. In the flesh is no good thing. So come, be made new. Walk in and be filled with My spirit. Step out of the natural and walk with Me. Yes, walk with Me in that supernatural realm. For remember this, it is no longer you who lives but Christ Jesus who lives in you. So come, come out from amongst the dead and come into the living and the life I give sayeth the mighty Lord of hosts.

Will you demonstrate it?

Will you? Will you demonstrate it? Will you demonstrate My great love? Will you demonstrate My mercy and My goodness? Will you demonstrate faith in action? Will you demonstrate My word at work in your life? Will you demonstrate Me? For lo, l have said, as I am, so are you on this earth. Too many of My people have demonstrated that which I am not. For they have said they are mine, yet only demonstrated religion, tradition, the world, flesh and mixture. The world has seen enough. It is time for My people, MY true bride to demonstrate My power. It is time for My bride to demonstrate My spirit and My fullness. Demonstrate the Holy Ghost and power. Let them see you are not of this world. Let them taste My goodness and let them see I am good. For I will be glorified. I will be magnified. I will be lifted up and I will draw ALL men unto Me sayeth the Lord God Almighty.

Is that all?

Is that all? Is that all you will ask of Me for? Is that all you will believe Me for? Who do you think I am? Am I not enough? Am I not God Almighty? The earth is mine AND the fullness thereof. Did I not say, all things are possible to them that believe? Did I not say, I am El Shaddai? It is My good pleasure to give you, My beloved child, the kingdom. I say, ask. You are a king and a priest. I said, ask and it shall be given to you. Seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you. I am an excessive God. I loved so much I gave. I have withheld nothing from you. I say, freely give of yourself to Me. Give and it shall be given unto you, pressed down, shaken together and running over. Give all you are to Me and I will give liberally without measure to you. Believe that you receive. Stand in faith. Stand in expectation and know I will do all I said and promised sayeth the Lord.

Will you drink it?

Will you drink it? What is it you will drink? Will you drink My cup or will you drink the cup of devils? Will you be full of Me or will you be full of self, the world and sin? I say, be full of Me. Will you drink My cup? Will you be intoxicated with Me, My fullness and My spirit? Will you be as a drunken man full of My love, My power and all I have? For lo, many have become intoxicated with the things of this world, with the flesh and sin. I tell you this, you cannot drink both. For you are either for Me or against Me. I said in My word to choose you this day whom you will serve. I would that you become fully intoxicated with Me. Yes, that you would be fully immersed, controlled and manipulated by My Holy Spirit. For I will use you to pour out My love, My spirit and My presence upon all sayeth the mighty Lord of hosts.

Can you measure it?

Can you measure it? Can you count it? Can you store it up? I said I will cause the windows of heaven to open and your storehouses could NOT contain it all. Be willing, be obedient and you will eat the good of the land. For I will bless My people. It is My good pleasure to give you the kingdom. Did I not say, give and it shall be given to you, pressed down, shaken together and running over, above and beyond ALL you could ask, think or hope for. I am an excessive God. I am El-Shaddai. I said to you, seek Me first and My righteousness and ALL these things shall be added unto you. I said you are the head and not the tail. Be expectant. For I will cause the blessing to overtake you. You are My beloved child. I so loved you I gave. Let Me fill your cup to overflowing so as you may show forth My boundless, immeasurable, excessive love, grace, mercy and fullness to all the world sayeth the great and mighty Lord God Jehovah.

Will you do it?

Do you want to see My glory? Do you want to walk in My presence? Do you want to see the plan I have for you come into its fullness? Then I say to you, it is time. Do not just know it. Do not just know My word. Do not be a hearer only. Will you do it? Will you believe it? Will you let it go down into the deepest innermost parts of you? Many hear, yet they refuse to go and do. I have said, who are My brothers, My sisters and My mothers? It is those who hear and do My will. Do it in faith, for without faith it is impossible to please Me. Unless you go and do that which I have spoken to you in faith, you will never move forward. Reach out to Me. I will lift you up and set you upon your feet. You will accomplish all I have called you to do sayeth the mighty Lord of heaven and earth.

Will you burn?

Will you let it burn? Will you let My fire burn within you? Will you let it burn out all the impurities? Will you let it burn out all the chaff? Will you let it burn hot? For lo, there are many who will not. Far too many who say they are mine do not burn. I said I will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire. Let My fire come and consume you. Let it be that which moves you. Be full of My spirit, be full of My word and My fullness. Let My fire in and it will burn away all the works of the flesh. Let it burn, yes let it burn seven times hotter. For I will use you to set those around you on fire for Me, for My glory and My joy. For it gives Me great joy to see you walk by faith, in My love and burn with My fire sayeth the Lord.