What are you?

Are you precious? Are you holy? Are you set apart and sanctified? Well then let Me tell you this, you are also an alabaster box. For you carry that treasure in a earthen vessel. Many do not see it. Many do not know or recognize it. I ask you, will you be broken? Will you be that broken alabaster box? For lo, many choose not to. They hold deer to them, that which must be broken and let loose. I say be broken, be broken before Me, be broken in Me. For as you are broken, that precious treasure will become mighty in Me. For the perfume will permeate EVERYWHERE. It is a sweet smelling odor, a beautiful perfume. As your life is broken, as your flesh is crucified and you release all to Me, I am glorified. For many will smell the perfume. All will know your love for Me. Some will be offended. Yet know this, you offer the best to Me, just as I game My best for you sayeth the Mighty Lord of hosts.

Is it finished?

Tell Me, is not My shed blood enough? Did not I fulfill all? I did! For nothing was left behind. No, nothing was left undone. I have said, it is finished. I took it all. I paid it all. I removed all hindrances and blockages. Listen not to the ways of man, listen not to that which seems right to a man, to the flesh or the enemy. I say, be not deceived. I have given you My word. I have given you My Holy Spirit. Do not forget, you were the joy set before Me as Christ hung upon the cross. Yes, it was My pleasure to bruise him. For I see the end from the beginning. I created you for My good pleasure. Take hold! Yes, take hold of all I am. Take hold of all I have. Take hold of all I created you to be. For I created you for Me, to be My beloved, My bride, pure, holy, blameless and without reproach sayeth the Lord

Am I new?

Will you contain it? Will you control it? Will you break it in pieces? Will you destroy the mold that man has tried to put Me into? For lo, many have tried to contain Me. Yes, others have tried to control Me. Yet know this, all they have done is block out and hinder all I desire to do. I say to you, let Me move. Let Me do as I see fit. For I will move in a way never seen before. I will move in you. I will move through you. Just allow Me to move. For too long the “church” has done that which seems right to a man, yet in the end it has led to destruction. For it has hindered, blocked and stopped Me. Know this, I will move amongst My people. I will move amongst My pure bride. I will move outside the four walls of today’s “church”. I say, it shall be a beautiful thing. It shall be amazing and wonderful. For I shall blow the wind of My spirit over and amongst the sea once again sayeth the Lord.

Do you trust Me?

Do you trust Me? Do you trust My word? Do you trust My spirit? Then stand fast. Hold your ground. For I have given you the victory. Have I not said, one will put a thousand to flight and two will put ten thousand to flight? Put your faith in Me. Put your assurance in the fact that I will do all that I said I will do. For faith without works is dead. I say, watch as I fulfill My word. Watch as I go before you and do all I said, all I have promised. For if I am for you, who can be against you. Be assured, I will accomplish and fulfill all I have promised. My word will NOT return void, I watch over it. For it shall accomplish all I sent it out to do. Just continue to stand. Watch and see and know I am God. There is none besides Me sayeth the Lord.

Is it epic?

Do you love Me? Do you trust Me? Then know this, I will do great and mighty works in and through you. Know this, I have created you new. I have caused old things to pass away. You just stay humble in Me, My presence and My spirit. For lo, I will do an epic thing. I will use you in extraordinary ways. I will move in ways never seen before. For it will be beyond the scope of the church. It will be far beyond the four walls of the “church”. For My body shall arise. My bride shall come forth. My breathe the breath of My spirit, shall blow across this land, this nation and this earth once again. It is an epic thing I do. Far above and beyond that which the hand of man can, could or. Would ever even try or attempt to do sayeth the Lord of hosts.

Let Me pour it!

Will you deny Me? Will you allow Me? I say let Me! Let Me pour it! For I desire to pour out unto you all of My blessings. Many are blocked up. Many have stopped it and prevented Me. Yet I say, let Me, let Me pour it, for I will. I will pour out blessings like never before seen. I will pour out My spirit, My love, My presence and EVERY good and perfect gift upon you. You must be willing, humble and obedient. I say, let me cleanse your threshing floor. Let Me expand you and burn out the chaff. As you do, I will fill you. I will pour all I have, yes all I am into you. For as I pour it into you, you will pour it out into and onto all around you. So I say again, let Me pour it and be full to overflowing of Me so as I may be lifted up and glorified sayeth the Lord.

What do you hear?

Tell Me, what is it? What do you hear? What can you hear? Can you hear the sound of heaven? Can you hear the cry of My heart? Do you hear the beating of My heart and feel My love for a lost and dying world? For lo, many who say they are mine do not hear. Many cannot hear. For their ears have been filled . Their ears have waxed gross and old. For all they hear is the sound of religion, self and the world. They have allowed other sounds to drowned out My voice, My heart and the sounds of heaven. I say, clean out your ears. Put away all that would drowned out Me. For lo, those who hear , they do. Those who hear, obey and follow My example. So come, allow Me to open up your ears and hear all of Me. For I will cause you to fulfill all I speak to and in you sayeth the Lord.

Where have you set your eyes?

Have you set your eyes upon Me? Have you set your eyes upon that which I desire and long for? Have you set your eyes upon My kingdom and My righteousness? For lo, many have not. Even those who are called by My name have set their eyes upon another. For they have set their eyes upon self, this world and all that is in it. I say, turn your eyes upon Me. Set your eyes upon Me and ALL I am. For I have said, seek ye first My kingdom and My righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you. Know this, where you set your eyes, you will go. So set your eyes upon Me. Just as I have said in My word, seek Me early and I will be found of you. Set your eyes upon Me. Let your eye become single and see the mighty work I do sayeth the Lord.

Can you count it?

Can you? Can you count it? Can you count the ways in which I work? Can you count the sands of the sea? Can you count the stars in heaven? Behold, l do a new thing! I say to you, watch and see. For I will confound the wise. I will become that stumbling block. For I will do that which has never been done before. I will do that which has never been seen before. I will cause that which is unseen to become seen. I will cause that which is seen to become hidden. I tell you, it will all be out of My spirit. It will be all out of My power, My might and My glory. No man will say it is by their hand. Just count on Me to do a great and mighty work. Rest in Me, walk in and as Me and watch all I do. For it will amaze many. It will be a great sign and wonder and will draw all men unto Me sayeth the Lord.

Do you realize it?

Do you sense it? Can you comprehend it? Do you even realize it? Do you even know or consider the depth of My love? Do not be deceived. Do not listen to the lies of others, no, not even your feelings or emotions. For I am beyond all that. I am love. Did you not read in My word, love never fails? Well, I NEVER fail. For My love goes deeper than the deepest valley. My love is higher than the highest heights. I loved you from the foundations of this earth and desire you. Have you not seen? I proved My great love for you through My beloved son on the cross. So I say to you, come. Come to Me. Let My love fully cover and embrace you. Will you take it? Will you receive it? Will you come and walk in it? For I desire you to walk with Me. Yes, to be My beloved and none other’s sayeth the Lord.