Holiness Part 4 by Tanner – age 18

Holiness Part 4 by Tanner – age 18

Having seen that God is not pleased by good works alone, especially when done in the arm of the flesh, a question that soon arises is “well then, what does God want?” The answer is that He wants your heart. He wants you; your motives, your love, your gifts, your good, your bad, everything you are. He wants you to give Him everything you were born into and remove the sin from His creation so that all that is left is what He created in the beginning; the image of God in His creation. Basically, God is not interested in what you do…He is interested in a sacrifice of your old, rotten, flesh contaminated heart and for it to be burned on the altar and continue to burn for all of eternity. When the sacrifice is complete and when you are empty of all you are, God will fill you with all that He is. That is where all of the works come from…God in you. All that God desires is submitted vessels that His unadulterated power can flow through so that more sons and daughters can come home to the Father. God wants lovers and children not slaves. God’s mission is to bring back His lost children so that He can love on them and so He can spread His glory and love all over the earth. God is always ready to give but only on His standards, and the only standard that God has, in order for us to receive all that He is, is that we lay down our lives and take up His life that is set before us. The only thing that stands in between you and your full identity in Christ is the cross and it is unavoidable…you MUST lay down your life (Matthew 16:24 & Luke 9:23). After this is done you invite the Holy Spirit in and once He is in, you no longer live…God lives in/through you (Galatians 2:20) and produces the works that are worthy of Him. Man’s works are not good enough for God, but God works through man…that is what is required, and that is what pleases God.

Galatians 2:20 (GNV)

I am crucified with Christ, but I live, yet not I anymore, but Christ liveth in me: and in that I now live in the flesh, I live by the faith in the Son of God, who hath loved me, and given himself for me.

Matthew 16:24 (GNV)

Jesus then said to his disciples, If any man will follow me, let him forsake himself: and take up his cross, and follow me.

Luke 9:23 (GNV)

And he said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me.

Will you come up hither?

Will you come up hither?

Will you separate yourself? Will you be ye holy as I am holy? When will you finally decide to be in this world but not of it? You see, I have called you a peculiar people. I have marked you as My own. It is time to rise up. Time to come up hither. Time to ascend My holy hill. Time to gather yourself unto Me, fully. I ask of you, who is on My side? Will you come up and spend time with Me? Will you finally dwell in My house? Will you dwell in My presence? Will you choose to lay down your life and let Me take you from glory to glory? For I have said, ALL who come I will in no ways turn away. So come, come unto Me. Turn your affections towards Me so as I can lift you up. Cast off all those old garments of the past and let Me put upon you that new clean garment, so as you may come boldly before Me. I desire to lift you up and have you come up hither with Me sayeth the Lord.

How will you live?

How will you live?

How will you live your life? Will you live it for Me? Will you live in My presence? Will you live a life of praise? There are many who live for themselves. There are those who are blinded. They have succumbed to the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life. They have built their house upon the sand. I desire you to live a life holy and set apart for Me. I desire to dwell in you, for you to be My habitation. You see, it all is determined by you. You must decide, you must choose. Either live for Me in the spirit or live in the flesh. Remember this, I cannot, I will not dwell in sin. I have created you to be a holy people, set apart for Me. Begin to live in all that I created you to be. For I desire to not only commune with you but make My dwelling in you sayeth the Lord of hosts.

Who has sanctified you?

Who has sanctified you?

For that which is born of spirit is spirit. That which is born of flesh is flesh. Have you come to Me, come to ME to allow Me to sanctify you? Yet there are many who sanctify themselves. For you are with Me or against Me. There are those who are separated from Me. They have been sanctified by another. It Is either the enemy, the flesh or Me. I say, come to Me. Become washed clean. Be sanctified by My blood. For I have said, be ye holy as I am holy, be ye perfect as I am perfect. Be not deceived. Do not allow ANYTHING to pull you away and distort that which I have given to you. Do not allow anything to separate you from Me. So I say, come. All who will, come unto Me and become My sanctified bride, My beloved sayeth the Lord God Almighty.

Will you let Me sing?

Will you let Me sing to you? Will you let Me sing through you? For you know I dance over you with joy. You know as I am so are you on this earth. Your life is a song of praise to Me. My life, all that I am, dwells in you. It permeates the atmosphere around you. As you walk with Me, as you walk in Me you proclaim the song of the redeemed. You emanate My love. So just allow Me to continue to freely flow through you. Allow your life to sing forth My praises. I will continue to move in and through you and draw all men unto Me sayeth the Lord God Almighty.

Is My joy complete?

Is My joy complete?

Has My joy consumed you? Is My joy complete? For lo, I have said My joy is your strength. For do you not realize, I joy over you? Do you not realize; I sing over you? Do you not know; I dance over you? For you were the joy set before Me while My Son was upon the cross. I say, let Me fill you with My joy. Let Me flood you with gladness. For I have pursued you. I have sought after you. My heart is after you and My desire has been for you. For though the enemy would try to dissuade you and turn you away from Me, let Me fill you with gladness. Let Me turn sorrow into joy. Let Me love you and take from you all that would cause you worry, hurt, fear or any care. For I have said, cast all your cares upon Me for My yoke is easy and My burden is light. So I say come, joy in Me. Joy in the God of your salvation sayeth the Lord of hosts.

Can you listen?

Can you listen?

Can you listen, listen to what I have to say? For many are called, few are chosen. You are chosen. You are mine. For many have been called but few chose to be My beloved bride. Few decided to be without spot and wrinkle. Choose you this day to be the chosen. Choose you this day to be My beloved. Choose you this day to follow and adore Me. For I have called many. I am still calling out, to those who come, so choose. Choose Me or religion. Life or death. Righteousness or rags says the Lord.

Holiness Part 3 by Tanner – age 18

Something that many believers (mostly newborns) that love the Lord and want to live according to the higher call do or have done is read the word and find the requirements and instructions on how to live up to the standard that God has set. Then, once they have found these things they err by trying to do these things in their own strength. This is a snare the devil sets for every believer in Christ. The lie that the devil uses to ensnare believers is that the higher call is obtained through works…the law. Paul addresses grace versus the law in all of his letters. The Lord Jesus Christ came to give a grace that fulfills the law. Without the fulfillment of the law, whether by grace or by works, no man can have covenant with the Lord. Holiness includes the fulfillment of the law. This grace is provided by God through faith to do His will on the earth. Paul makes it very clear that no man is justified through the law. Works are deeds that are done, but works do not cause you to obtain righteousness. You are born again and become a son of God; holy, righteousness, blameless. You are holy. You do not have to try to be holy…you are!!! You must have faith in God changing you into a new creature. You do not do works to become a son. You are a son, therefore submit to God and let him do the work through you.

Will you stand for Me?

Will you stand for Me?

Will you stand for Me? Will you stand for what I stand for or will you let the enemy bowl you over? Will you stand up against the world? Stand up against what this world represents? For My people are to be separate. A unique, set apart, chosen people, In the world but not of it. Remove thyself. It is time for My body to decontaminate. It is time for My body to be separate and be ye holy for I am holy. Do not allow the vomit of this world to spoil what I have placed inside of you. I require a pure bride. It is time. Time to put away your idols and come. Come seek Me sayeth the Lord God almighty!

Have you made a stand?

Have you made a stand?

For there are many of My people who have stood for a time, yet many have stood down. They either gave in, gave up or gave all. Have I not said in My word, when you have done all to stand, stand therefore? I say, it is time to take a stand. Stand up. Stand for Me. Stand for righteousness. Stand for all I am. It is time for My people to come forth and stand with Me. For either you are with Me or you are against Me. Those who stand in and with Me, when the enemy comes against them like a flood, I WILL raise up a standard against him. So come, stand with Me, stand as Me. See the mighty things I do sayeth the Lord God Almighty

Will you stand and fight?

Will you stand and fight?

I have said, fight the good fight of faith. Well, will you stand and fight? Will you fight to keep Me? For many have just let what I have given them slip idly by. They do not fight for Me. The enemy would love nothing more than to have you lay down and give up. Yet I have said, “When you have done all to stand, STAND therefore”. For every time you choose to run to Me, to dwell in My presence, you submit yourself to Me. Then the enemy HAS to flee. For you put down your flesh. So, crucify your flesh daily. Allow Me to be your life. Stand firm upon the rock of your salvation. For remember this, you are more than a conqueror. You are victorious in Me. Just choose to fight the good fight of faith and walk habitually in Me, in My Spirit and dwell in My presence sayeth the Lord of hosts.

Has the wind blown?

Has the wind blown?

Has the wind of My Spirit blown through you? For just as breath blows through an instrument to make music, so I choose to blow through you, to make the music of heaven evident on this earth. I say, allow the wind of My Spirit blow through you. Allow Me to blow out the dust, to blow out the stale and refresh you. As you allow Me to blow the breath of life in and through you, you become a beautiful instrument, an instrument used by Me, for Me. Used to broadcast My love, My joy, My glory. So I say, stay humble. For it is the humble, open vessels that are easily used by Me, for they do not resist and obstruct. So I ask again, will you allow the wind of My spirit blow through you and change you into that perfect instrument? That instrument to glorify Me and My name sayeth the Lord God Almighty.