Do I know you?

For lo, there are MANY who say they are mine. There are many who say they are called by My name. Yet I tell you, though so many claim it, their lives do NOT show it. For they honor Me with their lips, yet their hearts are far from Me. I say, it is time to lay down your pride. It is time to lay down your life. Come and know Me. For I do not take pleasure in the death of the wicked. I say, turn ye, turn ye and yet live. Turn to Me and know Me. Know Me as I know you. For I do not wish to have to say depart from Me, you workers of iniquity, for I never knew you. My heart cries out to you. It longs for you. So come, come to Me that I can say, “Well done! Well done thou good and faithful servant, come into the joy of your Lord.” For it is My joy. You are My joy. For I love you sayeth the Lord.

Will you know Me?

Will you come and know Me? For many will come and learn of Me. Many who say they are mine know about Me, yet I say come. Will you know Me? For far too many have read books about Me, about My spirit, My word and My wonderful works, yet they never come close and seek Me out. They never seek to know Me. I came that you might live. I came that you might have life more abundantly, yet I came most of all to restore that intimate relationship. I say to you, come in and know Me. For I will fill you with My fullness. I say, seek Me and I will be found of you. Seek Me and I will come in unto you and sup with you and you with Me. Commune with Me My beloved friend. Know Me and I will reveal myself fully to you sayeth the Lord.

I say be it!

Let your voice be heard! Let the sound of My praise emanate from you, from your life and all you are. I say, let the sound of worship fill the atmosphere. I say, you are an instrument of war. Let Me wield you and blow through you and cause you to do the enemy harm. For remember, I inhabit the praises of My people. You are to be a living sacrifice, a sacrifice of praise. So let your praise go forth. Let it proclaim My joy, My hope and My victory. For through you, I will be magnified, I will be glorified, I will be lifted up and draw all men unto Me sayeth the Lord of hosts.

Will you be an instrument?

I say, Let Me blow through you. Will you become an instrument? Will you become the sound of heaven? Will you become the sound of My spirit? I ask you this, will you be passive or will you be a weapon of war? For lo, I will use you to be an instrument of My love. I will use you to be an instrument of My spirit and My glory. For I tell you, I desire you to spread forth My love. Be that instrument for My use. For you are either an instrument of honor or dishonor. For I tell you, you are chosen. You are chosen and set apart for My use, for My plan and My glory sayeth the Lord of hosts.


Is your face like flint? Have you set your face towards Me? Have you set your affections towards Me? For I have seen those whose eyes are not secure. They look to the right hand and to the left. They become like a wave in the ocean, like a double-minded man. They go here, then there. I say to you, set all your affections on Me. Let Me establish you. Determine today, you will not be moved. For as I have said, when you have done all to stand, stand therefore. For I will make your feet like hind’s feet. Remember, I am the Lord who strengthens you. I am the God who keeps you in all your ways. So choose you this day to cross over that line. Choose you this day to keep your focus steadfastly upon Me. I will keep you and hold you in all My ways sayeth the Lord.

Holiness Part 12 by Tanner – age 18

As a believer begins to move toward God’s holiness most often they will run into some blockages. Deep down they want to do the things that God impresses upon their hearts and what they know is right but something is holding them up.  There’s no doubt that they’ve been changed internally…they have new convictions that they never had prior to them being touched by God, but maybe they are struggling to manifest the things God has put within them. The one-word diagnosis for this problem and most any other problem in the life of a believer, is the flesh…the desires of the person’s soul apart from God. The person has been convicted of sin and then convicted of righteousness, but hasn’t submitted to to God. When the person submits to God, the flesh is resisted and God’s voice will be the loudest in their heart. Romans 12:2 says “…Be ye changed by the renewing of the mind.” And Ephesians 4:23 says “and be renewed in the spirit of your mind.” When you submit to God you set aside your mind and take on His mind. 1 Corinthians 2:16 says, …but we have the mind of Christ.” Anytime we rely on anything else except God it is pride because we have chosen to exalt something else above God. The root of any sin is the flesh and the only time someone lives according to the flesh is when they operate in pride, but when a person lays down their pride in faith, God meets them with with His power and replaces the person’s desires with His. Ultimately, any problem a believer may have will be solved by fellowship and communion with God. Just talking with Him, spending time with Him. We don’t love Jesus because He is going to make us a better person or because He is going to heal us…”We love Him because He first loved us.” As Christians we are to love God…be His friend. That’s what God wants …covenant…relationship. God wants a bride not a concubine. Being a son of God is as simple as loving and obeying Him. Holiness comes from relationship with God(righteousness) “bears its fruit unto holiness.” Just love Him and spend time with Him and He will change you. The more you spend time with God the more you will be like Him. Just spend time with Him…love Him.


Have you guarded your heart? For lo, there are many who would that you would turn your heart to them. Yet I say, guard your heart. For you will willingly guard that which is precious to you. You will guard that which you treasure. For I have said, where your heart is there will your treasure be also. You are to fight the good fight of faith. I say, stay in the secret place, the cleft of the rock. For as you stay in My presence, the wicked one touches you not. So continue in Me, rest in Me. Be surrounded by My presence and My glory. For I am your high tower, I am your protection. In Me is your fullness of joy and nothing will by any means hurt you. For I am your strength and your length of days sayeth the Lord of hosts.


Who has gone before you?

For I would say, who is your defense? I am your victory. I have gone before you. For I am your shield and your buckler. Remember, I have gone before you, to prepare a place for you. I have sent the comforter. Although the battle has been won, there will still be a fight. Just remember, I have gone before you. I have driven out the enemy. I have put him to an open shame. You are more than a conqueror. For you are mine, you carry My name. Those who walk in Me, in My Spirit and in faith, they walk in My victory. For nothing can touch those who abide in Me. The enemy would love nothing more than to have you falter and fall. Then he can condemn, gloat and accuse. Yet I am faithful, true and just. Stand up, repent and move forward. Continue to take ground, for you are mine sayeth the Lord of hosts.


Where is it?

Where is your faith? Where does it lie? Is it in Me or is it in the natural realm only? For know this, I have given EVERY man a measure of faith, it is just that many have displaced their faith, even those who say they are mine. I tell you, put your faith in Me. Trust in Me, trust in My word. For know this, I have never failed you, I have never turned away. Just hold fast. Rely upon Me. For I am not slack concerning My promises. Plant your faith deep in Me, in My word and watch it grow. For it will produce fruit. Just do not hold it tight, do not store it away. Use your faith so that it may grow, that it may grow big and strong. For if all it takes is a mustard seed of faith to move a mountain, just think what a huge tree will move. So hide it in Me and watch all I do sayeth the Lord God Almighty.


Have you come to Me? Have you saught My face? I tell you, go forth, yet I ask you this…what has gone before you? I say, have you let the weapon of praise go before you? Lift up your voice, magnify My name! Let your praises go out before you. For remember this, I inhabit the praises of My people. Shout! Shout I say! Shout with a voice of praise. For as you do, you will see, the enemy has fled before you. For I will cause your voice to be that of mine. I will use your mouth as a mighty weapon of war. Just lift up your voice, in spirit and in truth. Let your life be that sacrifice of praise and shout to the atmosphere. Shout it out of love, declare it out of your life and relationship with Me and see the great and mighty things I do sayeth the Lord.

What is upon your lips?

What is upon your lips?

For lo, have you become undone? Have you unclean lips? Will you come to Me? Let Me place the coal from off the altar upon your lips. Remember, out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. I say, let My praises be upon your lips. Let My words flow forth. Let that which is lovely, pure and holy pour out of you, for life and death are in the power of the tongue. I say, sing songs, psalms and hymns and joy in the God of your salvation. Do not give in to the flesh. Do not allow the enemy to use you for his mouthpiece, for he is nothing but a liar and wants you to give life to his lies and deceit. I say, praise Me in the morning. Praise Me in the noontime.  Praise Me all the day long. Know that I love you, know that I joy over you and know that I desire to spend time with you sayeth the Mighty Lord of heaven and earth, the Lord of hosts.


Who do you run to?

Do you run to Me? Do you run to the world? For lo, many run to that which is comfortable and easy. Many run to that which is familiar. I tell you, run to Me. No, not what I do, not for a touch of My hand or a move of My Spirit. Run to Me because you love Me. Run to Me out of love. For remember, I am a jealous God. I am jealous for you. I love you and desire you and you alone. I desire you to run to Me, to come unto Me, to dwell with Me, to seek Me out. For those who seek Me out will find Me. Run to Me and I will run to you. Turn to Me and I will turn to you sayeth the Lord.