Will you follow Me?

Come, follow Me! Will you come? Will you follow Me? For lo, many come yet they follow an idea of Me. Will you follow Me out of love? Know this, I have loved you from the foundations of the earth. There are those who follow My teaching, those who follow My signs and wonders, yet they do not follow Me. I said if you are to be My disciple, take up your cross, deny yourself and follow Me. Far too many follow a form of Me. They choose to follow religion, tradition and that which seems right to a man, yet in the end it all leads to destruction. I say to you, come, follow Me. Let Me be your God. Love Me for I loved you first. For I would love to say well done thou good and faithful servant enter into the joy of your Lord. Yet sadly, to some I must say, depart from Me ye workers of iniquity, for I never knew you. I call out once again, come! Come follow Me. Know Me as I know you sayeth the Lord.

Am I your strength?

Who is it? Who will you rely on? Will it be Me? Will it be another? Will you rely upon your own strength, your own power and understanding? Remember what I have said, in the flesh is no good thing. What, am I not able? Am I not willing? Am I not powerful enough? I tell you yes, yes I am. For I am God and there is none besides Me. I say to you, rely upon Me, let Me uphold you. For I am more than able. I say to you, cast all your cares upon Me. Allow Me to uphold you. For when you are weak, I am strong. Nothing, no not anything is impossible in Me. Give Me your all and watch what I do. For I will cause you to become all I created you to be. I will cause you to stand firm in My strength, My power and My might. For you are My beloved and I created you by Me and for Me sayeth the Lord of hosts.

Is there any?

Is there anything I have left undone? Is there any I did not cover? Is there any I did not love? No! For I sent My beloved son. He fulfilled all. Yes, he accomplished all. I tell you this, My love, My power, My grace and mercy was manifest in Him. Sin, sickness, death, hell and the grave were all overcome. My son defeated it all. I have magnified My word above My very name. There IS no other name by which you must be or can be saved. For I have given Him, My son that name that is above EVERY name. Remember, you carry that name. For no other loves you such as I do. Come and be My beloved, be My child, be My bride and disciple sayeth the Mighty Lord of hosts.

Where will you stand?

Who are you? Are you a chosen generation? Are you a royal priesthood? Are you My beloved, My beautiful bride? Are you less than what I created you to be? Then tell Me, where will you stand? Will you stand firm upon who I created you to be? Will you listen to the lies of the enemy? Will you choose to stand in the falsehood of what the devil says? Will you stand in what others think, say or believe? I tell you this, stand in My truth. For remember, the truth will set you free. Stand in My perfection. I say, stand boldly before My throne, by faith and declare who you are. Stand upon the rock of your salvation. Know this, I will give you hinds feet. For I know how to keep you in all your ways. Just stand and do not faint. For I am always with you even to the end of the age sayeth the Lord.

What have you done?

Have you called upon Me? Have you ran to My throne? Have you come boldly before Me to obtain mercy and grace in time of need? Far too many have ran to another. Many have saught that which seems right to a man, yet in the end it leads to destruction. I have said, ask and it shall be given to you. Seek and you shall find and knock and it shall be opened. Do not listen to the lies of the wicked one. Do not give notice to him. I said, take every thought captive. I said to cast down EVERY imagination and high thing that dares exalt itself above Me. I say, run to Me. Run to the truth of My word. Stand in faith that I am and I am a rewarded of those who diligently seek Me. Remember who you are. You are the righteousness of God in Christ and the prayers of the righteous man availeth much. Without faith it is impossible to please Me. So put your faith to work, stand upon Me, My word and all I am and see all I do sayeth the Mighty Lord of heaven and earth.

Worship Me!

O to hear you call My name. O to hear you lift Me up and worship Me. Do you know how much that pleases Me? Do you realize how much it gives Me joy? I say remember this, I desire those who worship Me to worship Me in spirit and in truth. Let your life be that sacrifice of praise. For I joy over you. Yes, know that I dance over you and love you so. So lift up your voice. Let the whole earth hear. As you lay down your life, I am lifted up, I am glorified and honored. For your life is a testament and praise of Me and to Me. Let your life be that shout of triumph. Know that I love you and am proud of you sayeth the Mighty Lord of hosts.

What do you taste?

What do you taste? What is it you eat? What have you decided to feast upon? Have you chosen that good and perfect thing? Have you chosen to eat the fat and drink the sweet? Have you chosen to eat up the meat of My word, the hidden manna and drink of My new wine? For lo, many who say they are mine do not, they have chosen to eat and consume the dainties and sweets of this world. I have said, taste and see that I am good, yet many have defiled their taste. For they seem to long for the taste of that which seems right to a man. They have filled their bellies with that which is temporary. I say come, feast upon Me. Feast upon that which is eternal. Let the taste of My love, My word and My spirit linger upon your lips. For it is health to your bones and life to your soul. Come and be filled and satisfied and know I am all you need sayeth the Lord.

Have you done it?

Have you prepared yourself? Have you adorned yourself for My coming? Are you spotless and without wrinkle? For lo, I come quickly. Have you filled up your vessel with oil? Do you have that extra? I ask you this, have you done it? For lo, many have not. Behold, I come quickly. Yes, as a thief in the night. I say, watch and pray. Be that good servant. Yes, be that wise virgin. For when I come, many will not be ready. No, many will not be prepared. They have chosen to run off and do that which is important to them and not Me. I say, prepare yourself. Put on your wedding garments lest you be bound hand and foot and cast into outer darkness. Yes, lest the door be shut and I must say, depart from Me for I never knew you sayeth the Lord.

Why is it?

Why is it you sing to Me? Why is it you pray to Me? Why is it you seek Me and ask of Me? Can you tell Me? Why is it? Is it because you desire Me? Is it out of sheer love for Me? Is it because you long to know Me as I know you? Tell Me, why? Why is it? For lo, many come and sing out of ritual or obligation. Many pray and seek Me to get something from Me. Others do to make them feel better about themselves. I tell you this, they have their reward. I desire you to come to Me, to know Me. I say, seek Me first. Love Me for who I am. As you do, watch as I pour out upon you all I am and all I have. For I came to restore you unto Me sayeth the Mighty Lord of hosts.

Let’s go!

Will you get in the boat? Will you cross to the other side? Will you just trust Me? I said be anxious for nothing, but with everything let your requests be made known to Me. I have placed you exactly where I need you. Just rest in My presence. I say to you, rest in the back of the boat with Me. Remember, I know the end from the beginning. I will lead you and guide you. I will direct your paths. Just allow ME to take you where I intend for you to go. For I will be that pillar of fire by night and pillar of cloud by day. You just be mine, be My beloved child. Watch what I do, for it shall be great and mighty for My name sake sayeth the Lord.