Will you move?

Will you move in Me, in my presence or will you move in your own power? Will you move in the spirit or in the flesh? There are those, called by My name, who move in the sensual realm. They move according to their feelings, according to the flesh. They do not function in My spirit. They are not submitted to Me. Those who submit to Me, to My spirit, they move in and by Me. They dwell in My glory. They move as the wind of My spirit blows. So be submitted to Me, all of who you are, every area. Allow My Spirit to consume you. Let go of that sensual selfish realm, for the longer you function in it, you will stay in it, you will be cut off. I can graft some back in, yet they MUST be submitted to Me. They must rely on Me and not on their own strength sayeth the Lord God Almighty.


Are you desperate?

Are you desperate? For what? For ME? Are you desperate to know Me and who I am? Many are just seeking a sign. Many are seeking after a touch. Many after something they’ve lost years ago. They will never be satisfied. For I have said it before, it is a wicked and perverse generation that seeks after a sign. I say, seek ME! Love Me. Hunger for Me. For I will touch the hungry hearts. I will fill the desperate, those who are desperate for Me, not what I do, not what I have, not for signs and wonders.  For those who truly love Me and seek Me, signs and wonders will follow them. They became a sign and a wonder. A sign to the world and a wonder to those who have never seen sayeth the mighty God of heaven and earth, the great God Jehovah

Have you began to feed?

Have you began to take My word and feast upon it? Have you began to chew it up and take it in? For too many have been snacking. Too many have only had a tidbit here and there. They believe they are strong. Yet, so many of My people are sickly, dying and emaciated. They eat enough to barely survive. I say, ask of Me. Let Me fill you to overflowing. I say, feed upon Me. Feed upon My word. Feed upon My Spirit. Grow up, grow fat in the spirit of truth. It is time to be full of all I am, all I have. For I tell you, what you put in you, is what you’ll get out. For whatsoever a man sows, that will he reap. So feed upon Me, feed upon My word. Feed upon My spirit and watch the transformation happen in your life sayeth the mighty Lord of heaven and earth.

Have you consumed it?

Have you eaten My flesh and drank My blood? Have you eaten that hidden manna? For too many of My people are full. They are full of things other than Me. Too many of My people are full of milk. They are reliant on others to be bottle fed. I never intended My people to stay as babes. It is time to eat that which makes you grow. Fill up on Me. Fill up on My word. Fill up with My spirit. Allow it to become a part of you. Consume the fat and drink the sweet. Those who eat My flesh and drink My blood, those who devour my word, they will endure to the end. They will have the strength to continue. They will be full of My oil. They are the five wise virgins. I tell you, begin today. For I do love you. Seek Me while I may be found sayeth the Lord of hosts.

Let Me Anoint your head

Let Me anoint your head with oil. Let My spirit cover you and saturate you. Let Me cover you with My presence. For I have called you. I have called you to be My own. For lo, you have been sanctified. You have been set apart. You are a holy people, My holy nation. For all shall know, all shall see. It shall not be a hidden thing. You are mine. I say, I shall set you in a place of honor. For those whose hearts are pure, those whose hearts are towards Me, they shall be a spectacle. They shall bring Me glory. They shall be the example of Me. So lo, humble yourself. Be My beloved. Allow Me to bring you forth. For I desire to set you out and use you for My purpose, My plan and My glory sayeth the Lord.

Do you desire Me?

Do you pant after Me like the deer after water? Let Me be the waters you thirst after. Allow Me and My Spirit to saturate your innermost being. In Me is everything you need. In Me is your fullness of joy. So come, taste and see how good I truly am. Desire the best I have to offer you, the hidden manna. Let Me fill you with My spirit, My presence, with every good and perfect gift. I desire you to know Me. To know who I am. To have intimate communion with Me. Take the time. Spend that quality time I desire with Me. Desire Me the way I desire you, not out of obligation or ritual. Desire Me out of your love and pureness of heart sayeth the Lord God Jehovah.

What would you do to be a carrier?

What would you do to carry My presence? Where would you go for Me? I need humble willing vessels. Not beautiful golden vessels. Just simple vessels. Vessels that love Me and Me alone. Vessels of honor. Vessels of purity. Holy vessels that I can pour thru to a lost and dying world. Will you be this kind of vessel every moment? Will you fully yield to Me? Can I freely flow thru you with no blockages? You must get rid of all blockages to be a full carrier  sayeth the Lord.

2 Corinthians 4:7(KJV)

But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us.

God’s Glory

As the dew falls to the ground, so I desire to cover My people with My glory. As the sun so warms the earth, so I desire to warm the hearts of those who know and seek Me. I say to you, as the waters cover the sea, so shall My spirit cover the earth. I will flood this nation once again. The hearts of the people will be drawn to Me. For lo, the prayers have gone forth. I have heard the cry. I have caused the blockages to be removed. I say, speak forth. Speak it out. Decree a thing so that it may be established. For I will drop down upon My people. I will cover this nation. I will encircle and encase this world once again. For the time is at hand. I will cause those who have not seen to see, those who have not heard to hear and those who have not known to truly know and understand I am God. I am love. I am the way, the truth and the life and I love My creation sayeth the Lord of hosts.

Have you been refreshed?

I would ask you, have you been refreshed? No? Well, allow My living waters to wash over you. Allow the rain of My spirit to flood every area of your life. Are you dry and weary? Then come to Me, drink deep of the living waters. Come into My presence with a pure heart. Come with praise and worship. Allow Me to be your pillar of cloud by day and your pillar of fire by night. Allow My love to permeate your very soul and restore and refresh you. For today is the day of refreshing. Today is the day I have come to abide in and with you sayeth the Lord of hosts.

Have you put it in?

Have you? Have you put it in? Have you put in My word? Have you put your faith and trust in Me? Have you put your life, your love and your all in My hands? Have you put it ALL in or just some? Well I tell you this, as you do, I will propel you. Yes, I will propel you into a place you have never seen before. I will propel you at a speed only I can generate. For I will take you into a place of intimacy, love and glory you have never known before. I will accelerate you in knowledge, wisdom and everything I have to give. For you trust Me. Yes, you give your all to Me. You have put forth everything you are in Me and for Me and I will shoot you forth and you shall do great and mighty exploits in My name, by Me and for Me sayeth the Lord.

Will you come?

Dance in My presence, sing and joy and know that I love you. For you were mine from the foundation of the earth. You were the joy set before Me when My Son hung upon the cross. I say, come into My courts with gladness, joy and praises. Dwell in My presence. For in My presence is fullness of joy. Come, sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. Leap for joy. For I joy over you, My beloved. Let Me cover you with My glory. Let Me wrap Myself around you. For you are mine and I am yours. You are My treasure, a jewel set in My crown sayeth sayeth the Lord of hosts.

Have you built it?

Have you built the altar? Have you laid the wood in order? I say to you, has the water been poured upon it? For I tell you, the lines have been drawn. For there are many who worship false gods and idols. They desire to see a sign and a wonder to prove to all who they serve. Yet they sing, dance and worship in vain. I say to you, those who truly love Me, those who worship Me and Me alone, I answer by fire! For I will consume the sacrifice, I will consume the wood. I will consume the water and the stones. For those who love Me and give their lives to Me, I answer by fire and by My power. You just stand with Me. You just allow Me to take care of all those who proclaim a false gospel. For though they have, are and will be offended at you, I am your defense. I am the God who answers by fire. I will consume you and set you ablaze for all to see sayeth the Lord God Almighty.