Have they been turned?

Have they been turned? Have the tables been turned? I tell you, yes! I say, do not be weary in well doing. For behold, I am with you. I have turned the tables upon the enemy. I said in My word, I will take the bad things which the devil meant for evil and turn them around for good to them who love Me and are called according to My purposes. Rejoice, be glad. For I have turned the tables upside down. I am causing confusion in the enemies camp. My bride is raising up. She is beautiful, holy, blameless and spotless. I am moving as I desire. I am moving outside of the religious circles. I am setting ablaze an army, those who desire Me and Me alone. I am exalting My remnant, those who refuse to bow to another, those who have NOT given themselves to another. I am moving outside of the confines of religion, tradition and all that seems right to a man. Be ready, be My beloved and know I will use you to turn over the works of the enemy. For the gates of hell will NOT prevail against you sayeth the Lord God Almighty, the Lord of glory!

Can you feel the rumble?

Can you feel it? Can you feel the rumble? Can you feel the shifting in the atmosphere? I tell you, there is a shaking happening. There is a quaking happening. For behold, it is the sound of My army. It is the rumble of those who have fallen asleep awakening. It is the sound of those who have fallen rising up. The rumbling is the beautiful feet of My bride. Behold, she brings good news. I said the gates of hell will NOT prevail. I am raising up an army, pure and holy who are marching to do the will of My heart. They are causing the very gates of hell to fall off their hinges. For lo, they have set their eyes upon Me. They have set their hearts towards Me and nothing can dissuade them or turn them back. Will you be a part of it? Will you be the remnant? Will you be My beloved bride? Choose, I said choose you this day whom you will serve sayeth the Lord God almighty.

Will you be a canvas?

Will you be a canvas? I say, be a canvas. For I will paint a mighty picture upon your life. All who see you will see the work I have done. All who see you will see Me, My spirit and My word. Let Me paint the picture I have created you to be. A picture of Me, My love, My mercy, My grace and All I am. For lo, I will cause you to be a mighty work of art in My hand. You are a mighty masterpiece and very valuable to Me. For lo, I paid the highest price for you. Be a canvas for Me to show forth My glory. I will transform you into all I created and designed you to be. For I will cause you to reflect Me, My love and all I am to a lost and dying world sayeth the Lord.

Watch it flash!

Watch it. Yes, watch what it does. I tell you, watch it flash. For I tell you this, My spirit, My power, My presence and My glory will explode over this world, this nation, this state and this city like a flash. Watch it flash. For it will flash like a mighty fire ball. This next great move will happen suddenly. Some will be blinded by it. Some will not be ready. Yet I tell you this, many will receive of it. For I have been preparing an army. I have prepared My remnant. A great harvest of souls will come forth. We will plunder the enemy’s camp. Just as I said, the gates of hell will not prevail. Watch, pray and be full of the oil of My spirit. Those who burn with My fire will not be consumed. Occupy till I come and be ready. For it will flash over and come suddenly like a mighty rushing wind sayeth the Lord.

Have you heard it?

Have you heard it? Have you heard the rolling thunder? Have you seen it? Have you seen My lightnings? I tell you this, many have heard. They have heard of My mighty works. They have heard of the moving of My spirit, yet many have not seen. Know this, the time has come when many, yes very many will say, I have heard with My ears but now I have seen with My eyes. For this is the time of the next great awakening. Now is the time for the next great move of My spirit. Do not be a hearer only. For I will use ALL who are willing and obedient. I will use the aged and the young. Remember, you are ALL the body, I am the head. Come, dwell in My presence. Do My word and I will bring in a great harvest of souls this world has never seen before sayeth the Lord.

Are you an eye?

Are you an eye? Are you an ear? Are you a finger or a toe? I tell you this, you ARE My body. I am the head. Do not be a mouth only, speaking yet not hearing. Do not be an ear only, hearing but not doing. Each member is an individual yet an integral part of My body. Walk in unity. Unity in My spirit. Unity in My love. For too long, sin, selfishness, denomination, religion and all that seems right to a man has been a cancer in My body. I said a little leaven will leaven the whole lump. I am cutting away the leaven. For I desire a pure bride. I created My people to be perfect as I am perfect, to be holy as I am holy. Walk in the fullness of who I am. Walk in My unity. Unity in spirit, truth, love and My fullness sayeth the Lord.

In the beauty of holiness

How will you do it? How will you worship Me? Will you worship Me in the flesh? Will you do it with your own wisdom and understanding? Will you honor Me with your lips and yet have your heart far from Me? It is My desire, yes My longing, that you worship Me in spirit and in truth. Worship Me, in the beauty of holiness. For lo, in Me you ARE holy for I am holy. Love Me, know Me and dwell in My presence. Do not give yourself to another. Let your worship come up before Me as that sweet smelling savor. Let your worship be pure, with all your heart and unrestrained. Worship Me, enter into My presence and let Me love on you as you love on Me sayeth the Lord God Almighty.

Have you been plucked?

Have you been plucked? For lo, just as a string on an instrument is plucked and resonates, so I desire you. I will pluck you and bring forth My beautiful music. As you lay down your life and love it not unto death, your life will reverberate. Your life will resonate and affect all those near to you. As you become plucked, others will as well. The music created is a unison of sound. It is the sound of My spirit. It is the sound of My love. It is the sound of My word. I say, lay down your life. Allow it to be plucked, so as this world may see Me in you, may hear Me through you and feel My love through you. It is through your intimacy with Me. It will come through your great love, desire and obedience to Me that you will be plucked and resonate so as I may be sounded abroad, lifted up and glorified before all men sayeth the Lord.

Will you be the one?

Will you be the one? Will you be the one I use to show forth My glory? Will you be the one? Will you be the one who represents Me rightly? Will you be the one who refuses to bow to the gods of this world? Will you be the one to stand up to Pharaoh? Will you be the one who shows forth My love, My spirit and My glory? For lo, it only takes one. I can save by many or by few. Be the one, whether anyone else is with you or not. I am with you. I will NEVER leave you nor forsake you. For if you are the one, you will touch the lives of all you see. Be the one who decides to be My beloved bride, pure, holy, blameless and without reproach. Be the one who burns hot for Me. As I said in My word, what does it matter if they should live till I come again, YOU come follow Me. You be the one and I will use you for My glory. You be the one revival starts in and watch as My fire spreads to all those around you sayeth the Lord.

Will you magnify Me?

Will you do it? Will you magnify Me? How? How will you magnify Me? I am magnified when My people walk in unity. Just as multiple lenses magnify an image, so will My people magnify Me. I said in My word, they will know you are mine by your love. You will magnify Me as you walk in unity, when you walk in unity in My spirit, in My love and with Me. Remember I said, how can two walk together lest they agree. As My people who are My beloved walk in unison with Me, My spirit, My word and with one another, I am magnified in all the earth. For in unity, I am in the midst of you. You are in Me and I am in you. Magnify Me. Lift Me up and I will draw all men unto myself. I will bring in a mighty great harvest which has NEVER been seen before sayeth the Lord God Almighty.