Let’s go!

Will you get in the boat? Will you cross to the other side? Will you just trust Me? I said be anxious for nothing, but with everything let your requests be made known to Me. I have placed you exactly where I need you. Just rest in My presence. I say to you, rest in the back of the boat with Me. Remember, I know the end from the beginning. I will lead you and guide you. I will direct your paths. Just allow ME to take you where I intend for you to go. For I will be that pillar of fire by night and pillar of cloud by day. You just be mine, be My beloved child. Watch what I do, for it shall be great and mighty for My name sake sayeth the Lord.

Let Me cure you!

I say, let Me cure you. For you are to be the salt of the earth. I say, I will salt you. I will salt you with My fire. I will cause all those who see you to taste and see I am good. For lo, those who are not cured, they will spoil and rot. They will decay and come to nothing. Yet to those who allow Me to, I will cover and protect. I will cause you to be established and known as mine. Though many would try to come and taint you, they cannot. For I am your defense. I will keep you and protect you. Just allow Me to purge out all that must be purged. Allow Me to do all that must be done. For in doing so, you will be known as My own. You will be unidentifiable as the world’s. For you shall be transformed into My image, no longer a part of this world, all for My glory sayeth the Lord.

Let Me hear it?

I say to you, let Me hear it! Let Me hear your heart cries. Let Me hear your petitions. Let Me hear the groaning that cannot be uttered. Let Me hear you pray in the spirit and with understanding. I say to you, let Me hear your sacrifice of praise. Let Me hear you lift your voice in worship. I say again, let Me hear it. For it is a beautiful sound in My ears. Call upon Me and I will answer. For I inhabit the praises of My people. I said ask and it shall be given unto you, seek and you shall find. Let Me hear you speak it out in faith, in the spirit and in My truth. For there is power in your words. For life and death are in the power of the tongue. Speak it out, let Me hear it and watch what I do sayeth the Lord.

Have you heard the sound of it?

Have you heard it? Have you heard the sound of it? Have you heard the sound of My heart? Have you heard the abundance of rain? Have you heard the claps of thunder? For lo, I am coming like a flood again. Many do not hear. Many do not listen or take notice. Yet know this, I am coming. For I will cause that to happen which has never been seen before. Just know, it will be a quick thing. Watch and see as gather in those who heed My voice, those who turn to Me and give their lives to Me. For the rest shall be swept away. Remember, many are called yet few chosen. Choose to follow Me. Choose life. Choose that intimate personal relationship I so desire sayeth the Lord.

What have you made?

What have you made? Have you made a place for Me to dwell? Have you made room for Me? Have you made Me your God, your friend and your king? Have you made Me the center of your life? For lo, sad to say, many have not. Many who claim to be mine have made My name a derision. Many have made Me into that which I am not. I ask you this, what have you made? Have you made your abode in Me? Have you made Me your hiding place? For lo, I will dwell in you. I will abide in and with you, yet you must crucify the flesh. You must bury the old man and let Me have all. For I will clean your threshing floor. I will sweep your house clean. For too many make room for the flesh, the world and self. I say, open up and make room for Me and allow Me to do all I desire sayeth the Lord.

Do you burn?

What do you burn? Do you burn with a desire to know Me? Do you burn with holy zeal and fire? Have you been set ablaze by and with Me and My spirit? For lo, many burn, yet they burn with a desire for self, flesh and the world. Though many would say they hunger and thirst for Me, their hearts burn and long for that which is sensual and fleshly. Do not think the world does not see. Do not think the world will not know. I say to you, allow Me to be your consuming fore. I have said I will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire. Receive of Me. Let Me fill you with the oil of My spirit, the oil of joy. Let Me fill you to overflowing and set you ablaze. Know this, as you burn for Me, you will see others aflame as well. As you burn for Me, that light in a dark world, you become that light in a dark and dying world. I say burn, yes burn for Me. Watch as I cause you to bring forth My light, My love, My spirit and My glory to all around you sayeth the Lord.

Will you spend it?

I ask you this, what will you do? Will you spend it? Will you spend your mind on the things of this world? Will you spend it on the flesh and self? I say to you, spend your thoughts on Me, My will and My word. I have said to set your mind upon Me. Will you spend your time thinking of you, the word and the flesh or will you spend your time on Me, My word and eternity? I say set your mind upon Me. Watch what I do. For I have said seek ye first My kingdom and My righteousness and ALL these things shall be added unto you. Do not worry about tomorrow. You just seek Me, abide in Me, And spend time in and with Me. Watch and see the transformation that takes place in you, through you and to you as you do. For I will come in and make My abode in you and dwell with you in that secret place sayeth the Lord.

Have you laughed?

I ask you this, have you laughed? Have you laughed in the midst of the storm? Have you laughed in the midst of the drought? For I tell you, in famine and destruction you shall laugh. I say laugh. Laugh in the face of the enemy . Laugh at his antics, laugh at his attempts to distract and laugh at his loss. For he is but a cut off withering branch. For EVERY time you laugh it confounds him. Remember, I am your joy. I am your strength. The joy of the Lord is your strength. If I am for you, tell Me, who can be against you? So laugh! Joy in the God of your salvation and see My hand at work sayeth the Lord of glory, the mighty Lord of heaven and earth.

Who has spoken it?

Tell Me, who is it? Who has spoken it? Has it been I? Has it been another? For many would try to speak for Me, yet they speak out of the soulish realm. Many speak out of self and flesh, yet I have given you the spirit of discernment. I have said, My sheep know My voice and another they will not follow. I will speak to you. Yes, I will speak into you. I will speak over you. I say, I will show you where I want you to go. I will direct you. I will confirm My word. Do not listen to a stranger’s voice. No, do not listen to that which I have not spoken to you first. Remember, I am your peace. You listen and follow Me sayeth the Mighty Lord God Almighty.

Will you let Me take you?

Will you? Will you let Me take you higher? Will you let Me bring you up into the atmosphere of new fresh air? Will you let Me give you eagles wings? Will you let Me bring you up into the atmosphere of where I am? For lo, that is My desire, to have you up here where I am. For many would not. Many claim they desire to be with Me, where I am at, yet in reality they love the place that they are in. You see, I long to bring you higher. I desire to see you come up hither. Have I not said in My word, I will take you from glory to glory? I say let go! Release yourself to Me. Allow Me to bring you into that special intimate realm where only you and I may go. For I will bring you up. I will hold you close and draw you in, yes, in to My inner chambers. Just let go and allow Me to take you exactly where you belong, where I created you to be, with Me in that secret place sayeth the Mighty Lord of hosts.

How are your bones?

How are they? Can you tell Me? How are your bones? Are they fat and full of life? Are they dried up and dead? For lo, My word is health to your bones. You see, many are dead. Many are just white washed tombs full of dead men’s bones. Did I not say, I will give you life and life MORE abundantly. I say, be full of My word. Let Me satisfy you and make those dead dry bones yet live. Be full of My spirit. Be full of My word. For My word , My spirit and all I am is life and health to your bones. Do not be as the dead. Do not be as those who have dried up. I say, eat the fat drink the sweet. Become alive in Me and I will fill you and sustain you sayeth the Lord.

What are you?

Are you precious? Are you holy? Are you set apart and sanctified? Well then let Me tell you this, you are also an alabaster box. For you carry that treasure in a earthen vessel. Many do not see it. Many do not know or recognize it. I ask you, will you be broken? Will you be that broken alabaster box? For lo, many choose not to. They hold deer to them, that which must be broken and let loose. I say be broken, be broken before Me, be broken in Me. For as you are broken, that precious treasure will become mighty in Me. For the perfume will permeate EVERYWHERE. It is a sweet smelling odor, a beautiful perfume. As your life is broken, as your flesh is crucified and you release all to Me, I am glorified. For many will smell the perfume. All will know your love for Me. Some will be offended. Yet know this, you offer the best to Me, just as I game My best for you sayeth the Mighty Lord of hosts.