Have you tread on them?

Where have you gone? What have you done? Have you tread on them? Have you tread on serpents and scorpions? Remember what I said, I said all authority give I thee. You shall tread on scorpions and serpents and defeat all the works of the enemy. I have given you My Holy Spirit. I have given you My word. I have given you the name of Jesus, the name that is above EVERY name named, above the earth, on the earth and below the earth. I have called and equipped you. I have seated you in heavenly places. I have disarmed the enemy and restored you to your rightful place. You are more than a conqueror. The enemy is a defeated foe. So come. Occupy till I come. For if I am with you, who can be against you sayeth the Lord.

Must you see it?

What do you look for? What is it? Is it a sign? Is it a wonder? Must you see it? I said blessed are those who have believed and yet not seen. Did you forget? It is a wicked and perverse generation that seeks after a sign. Too many of My people have began to follow signs and wonders, yet I said signs and wonders will follow them that believe. Remember, faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. My people are to walk by faith, not by sight. Know this, as you step out in faith you will see the supernatural and miraculous happen. For without faith it is impossible to please Me. Look to Me, rely upon and trust in Me. For I tell you this, faith without works is dead. Work your faith, step out and see My hand at work sayeth the Lord God Almighty.

Will you behold it?

What have you chosen? What will you do? Will you behold it? Will you behold My glory? Will you behold My grace? Will you behold My mercy and My great love for you? I say, humble yourself, crucify your flesh, ask of Me and I will reveal Myself to you. I say, go hide thyself. Hide in the cleft of the rock. For I will reveal Myself to you. I tell you, all will see, all will know you have spent time with Me. Just seek ME first and watch all I do. For I will do a great and mighty work in you and through you sayeth the Lord.

How much?

How much? How much do you desire? Do you desire a sprinkle or do you desire a flood? Just how much do you truly desire? Do you desire Me the way I desire you? Do you pant after Me as the deer pants after the water? For I have made it clear, they who hunger and thirst after righteousness shall be filled. Do you want to and desire to be filled a little or to overflowing? It is up to you. You must decide. Just ask of Me and know, I will fill you up, pressed down, shaken together and running over sayeth the Lord.

Will I do it?

Yes, I will. I will do it. I will manifest My glory in you. I will manifest My love, My power and My word through you. I will do all I said and promised. For I am not a man that I should lie, nor the son of man that I should repent. I will do all I have promised. For I watch over My word to perform it. It will not return void but will accomplish all I sent it out to do. Do not be weary. No, do not faint. Have I not said it? Then know this, it will come to pass sayeth the mighty Lord of glory, the Lord God of heaven and earth.

Who will do it?

Who will do it? Who will sustain you? Who can do it like Me? For lo, I will sustain you. I will refresh you and restore you. For behold, I am that water of life. I am the living waters that never run dry. Come, come unto Me. Trust in and rely upon Me. For I will sustain you. I will uphold you. I am your strength. I am your shield. I am the rock of your salvation. I will hold you and keep you in all your ways. Be strong, keep your eye single and watch as I do all I say and promise sayeth the Lord.

What will you hold onto?

What is it? Will you tell Me? What will you hold onto? Will you hold onto My word? Will you hold onto My promises? Will you hold onto all I have said by faith? For lo, many have chosen to hold onto that which the enemy has given them. Too many have chosen to hold onto the report of the doctor, the flesh and this natural realm. I said you are healed by the stripes of Christ. I said you are no longer dictated by the flesh. Hold on in faith to My word. Hold on in faith to all I have said and promised. Hold onto Me and walk in the supernatural realm, the realm of My spirit, My love, My glory and My power sayeth the Lord.

Are you hungry?

Are you hungry? What are you hungry for? Are you hungry for the truth? Are you hungry for Me? Are you hungry for that which is eternal and will remain? For lo, many of My people seem to be hungry for the world, the flesh and that which seems right to a man. I said and made it clear in My word, those who hunger and thirst after righteousness shall be filled. I desire My people to hunger for Me. I desire My creation to hunger and thirst after Me. For I will fill them. Ask of Me and I will fill you. Hunger after that which is eternal, after My word, My spirit and My glory. Be filled to overflowing and walk with Me in the cool of the day sayeth the Lord.

Let Me prove it.

Let Me do it. Let Me prove it. Let Me prove Myself in you, to you and through you. Let Me prove Myself true through your life, your intimate walk with Me and your love. As you walk in the fullness of who I am, you allow Me to prove Myself true and strong. As you laugh at famine and destruction, you allow Me to prove it. As you crucify the flesh, take up your cross and follow Me, you let Me prove it. For I will prove it to all. All will see, all will hear and all will be judged according to My word, My spirit and their works sayeth the Lord.

Have you put it on?

Have you put it on? Have you put on your wedding garments? Have you prepared yourself and made yourself ready? Will you be found in that day without your wedding garments on? For lo, those who do not have on their wedding garments shall be cast out. Do not be as the hypocrites. Do not be as the selfish and proud. For I have called all to come. Will you choose to be My beloved? Will you put on that robe of righteousness? Will you put on Jesus Christ? For I have supplied all things. Be washed. Be made clean. For I desire a bride without spot or wrinkle. Put on that which I have crafted and created just for you. Put on that coat of many colors. Let all see you are mine. Cast off the rags and garments of the past, the flesh and sin. For I have given you new. Decide today, decide to walk in My fullness and to be ye holy as I am holy. Yes, to be ye perfect as I am perfect sayeth the mighty Lord of hosts.