Can you hear the sound?

Can you hear the sound of it? The sound of the oncoming army? Can you hear it? Can you hear the sound of the beating of My heart? For lo, I tell you the sound is yet soft. I tell you, the sound is but in the distance. Yet know this, the sound is there. I say to you, be still and listen. For the sound you hear is a mighty rushing wind. The sound you hear is a mighty army, rising up. Yes, it is the sound of My beloved. It is the sound of My bride. For she is coming forth. Yes, she is coming to claim the harvest that is abundant and plentiful. For I tell you this, I will sweep this land, this nation and yes this whole world once again. For I will cause all to know, all to see, I am. I am God and there is none other than Me sayeth the Mighty Lord God Jehovah.

Are hungry for more?

For I have hidden manna from heaven for you. I have untold stores to fill you with. Are you hungry? Are you hungry for more? My storehouse is full and never runs dry. Let Me fill you with the mysteries of My goodness. Let Me feed you from the riches of My storehouse. Manna from heaven. Do not be full of the world, for it cannot satisfy. The manna I have will sustain and fulfill your every need. So be hungry. Stay hungry and let Me give unto you of My stores sayeth the Lord of glory.

What are you running for?

Are you running to win the prize? Are you running for Me and My glory or are you running for yourself? There are those who claim to run for Me, yet in reality they run for their own fleshly desires. Many of them have already claimed their prize. Their prize is recognition, pride, and everything not of Me. Those who run My race, those who truly run for Me, they will receive their reward. For ALL will be tested by fire. Some will bare silver, gold and precious gems. Some will bare nothing more than ashes. For wood, hay and stubble is what they have done. I tell you, lay down every selfish work, humble yourself and run My race. Receive the prize I have for you. For you are My treasured child sayeth the Lord of hosts.

Will you hear My voice?

Will you hear My voice? Are you hungry for more? Will you take the time to know Me and share My love? For there are many people who need to see Me. Not what religion would show. They need to see the real Me and see My love flow. For there are many who have never seen. Many who have never heard. Many who have never experienced the true Me on this earth. So I am calling out to you. Will you hunger for more? Will you show the world My glory? Will you show them My love? Will you show them Me? Will you show them more than what they have ever seen before? says the Lord.

Where is your treasure at?

Have you seen My handy work? Have you seen the stars? For I placed them each by My own hand. Yet I have seen you. I have formed and fashioned you and know you by name. I have counted each hair. There is nothing hidden I do not know. Remember, while you were yet in sin, I loved you. Oh, the plans I have for you. Oh, the purposes and desires I have for you. Oh, to see you come into all I made you for. For you are a jewel in My crown. You are My special treasure. My love for you is endless. My love for you is boundless. As the stars in the sky are innumerable, as the grains of the sand of the sea are unfathomable, so is My love for you. It is far surpassing all you could ever imagine. I say, let Me come and love you. Let Me in and love on you. For I desire the best for you. For My heart has always been towards you and for you sayeth the Lord.

Is it precious?

Is it precious? Is it treasured? Is the name you carry and your relationship with Me that which you treasure? For lo, many have despised it. Many have thrown it around and used it loosely, as if it were but a toy. Know this, I will not be mocked. Remember Jacob have I loved but Esau have I hated. For I seek those who treasure Me. For where your treasure is there will your heart be also. You see, I counted you precious. Yes, I counted you costly. I desire you to love Me for who I am. I paid a high price for you, for your freedom. So I say come, come and know Me. Let Me be that pearl of great price. Let Me be that treasure you so long for. For know this, I am your great reward. I say treasure Me the way I treasure you. Love Me the way I love you. Come be near and see you are the jewel in My crown sayeth the mighty Lord God Jehovah.

Will you allow Me to fill you?

Will you allow Me to fill you? Fill you with My song? Many would sing their own tune from their head and not their heart. They sing from what they know, not who they know. Let Me fill you. Let Me know you. Let Me embrace you so you can sing a new song. So you can sing the song of the redeemed, a holy song, a pure song just for Me. Just to Me. So let Me fill you up. Up to the brim. Let Me fill you up to overflowing and wash out all the sin. Sing to Me a new song. Sing it loud and clear. Sing to me a new song for every ear to hear, says the Lord God who loves you.

Will you come dine?

Will you come dine at the Master’s table? I desire you to be called, called unto Me, to be My own. How long must I wait? How long must I ask you? Many are called. All have been called, but few are chosen. Few have chosen to come and dine with Me. There are those who want the supper without the commitment. They want the benefit without the covenant. They will be left out. The door will be shut and they will call to me. My bride will be with Me, spotless and covered with the sweet smelling ointments and oil that pleases Me and Me alone. We will be shut in together to dine at the table prepared for us says the Lord.

Let Me do it!

Will you? Will you let Me do it? Let Me love on you. Will you love Me? Love Me for who I am and not for that which I do or have done. I say come close. For I will draw near to you. Let Me do it! Let Me do all I desire. For My desire is for you. My desire is to bring you into the fullness of all that I designed you for. For there are those who will not. They only see themselves through their own eyes, through the eyes of the flesh. I say, let Me take you. Let Me hold you close. For I will cause all that does not belong to drop off. I will cause all to fall away and be as dung that is not of Me. Just let Me do it. For in yourself it is impossible. Know this, with Me ALL things are possible. Just let Me do it and watch as I do all that seems impossible. For I will, yes I will do great and mighty things to, in and through you sayeth the Lord.

Will you show it?

I ask you this, in the midst of the worst circumstances, will you show forth My love? Will you sow it? In the midst of all trials and difficulties will you sow Me? Will you sow My love? Will you show mercy? Will you show grace? For remember, freely you have received FREELY give. Give to all. For how else will they know you are mine? For My word says, they shall know you are mine by your love. I say to you, show it forth. Show it like a brightly colored garment. Show it forth for all to see. In doing so, you glorify and magnify Me. You show forth Me. You broadcast and spread Me out for all to see. Remember, as I am so are you. Continue in Me and walk as Me sayeth the Lord of hosts.