Is it sanctified?

Is it? Is it sanctified? Yes, I tell you, yes it is! For behold, your life has become sanctified in and by Me. I said you are to be ye holy as I am holy. I said in My word that you are the temple of the Holy Spirit. You are My child, you carry My name. Do not walk according to the flesh. Do not walk according to feelings. You are to walk by faith, not by sight. You are to live and move and have your being in Me. I have made you righteous through My son Jesus Christ, by the shed blood of the Lamb. Do not let sin lay hold of you. Give no place to the devil. For you are mine and I am yours. You are righteous, holy, blameless and without reproach in Me and by Me sayeth the Lord.

Have you possessed it?

Do you see it? Do you know it? Do you even realize it is yours? Then tell Me, have you possessed it? For lo, many of My people have not. Many of My beloved children refuse to. Yes, they look and see. They see all I have paid for. They look at all I have done. They know it, yet they have never moved forward and possessed it. Come, take it. Believe that you receive all I have given you. It is time for you to take it, possess it and make it your own. I am still the same. I have never changed. I have not withheld anything from you. You are My beloved child. I love you just as much as I love Christ Jesus. I say, go! Take it by faith. Posses all I have for you and walk in My fullness. Walk in the abundance of My spirit, My power and My glory sayeth the Lord.

Will you use it?

Will you use it? Will you use that which I have given you? Will you stand up, stand firm and use the authority you have in Me? For lo, though many of My people know they are mine , they refuse to use all that I have given them. There are those who say they are mine, yet never acknowledge the authority I have given them or that which they carry. Let Me remind you, you are My child. I have given you My name. You have died to the old man, the flesh and this world. You are not bound by the flesh or its dictates. I have given you My Holy Spirit, the spirit of truth. I have given you My word and I have given you the measure of faith. I say, stand up. Be bold and mighty in the power of My might and strength. For I have said, as I am so are you on this earth. I will remind you what My son Jesus Christ said, “the same works I do you will do also and greater works.” Put away fear, doubt and unbelief. Rise up and walk in My fullness sayeth the Lord.

Where will you stand?

Will you stand upon the high places? Will you stand and not slip? Will you stand upon the rock of your salvation? Will you stand in faith? Tell Me, where is it? Where will you stand? I do not want you to do as some have. I do not want you to just come and step upon the corner stone. I want you to come and stand upon the stone the builders rejected. Stand firm in your faith. Stand firm in My word. When you have done all to stand, I say stand. For I will uphold you. I will strengthen you. Stand in Me, stand in My presence. For in My presence is fullness of joy. In My presence is all you need. Stand firm, for I have given you hinds feet. I have empowered you and equipped you to do all I have for you to do sayeth the mighty Lord of glory.

Have I done it?

Have I? Have I done it? I tell you, I have. I have done all I am going to do. For behold, I sent My beloved son to accomplish ALL upon the cross. When the blood of My son Christ Jesus was shed, it was accomplished. I tell you, through his death, burial and resurrection, it was finished. I have placed it back in your hands. I have restored that which was lost. Will you take it and walk in it? I said, ALL authority I give unto you. I said, there is nothing impossible to them that believe. I said, if I am for you, than who can be against you? Choose, choose to walk in the newness I have for you. Choose to walk in the new birth. For I have left nothing out. No, nothing undone sayeth the Lord.

Will you let it grow?

Have you prepared it? Have you planted the seed of faith? Tell Me this, will you let it grow? For lo, many have planted the seed, yet they have stood aside and done nothing else. I say water it. Yes, water that seed of faith. Some have planted it, yet then gone and dug it up. I said, faith without works is dead. Speak out that which is not as though it is. Watch as you water your seed of faith with the words you speak. For your words contain life and death. Watch as it grows and produces much fruit. For I will cause that seed to grow mightily and it will bring Me glory sayeth the Lord.

Are you hungry?

Are you hungry? What are you hungry for? Will you eat it? What is it you will eat? For lo, many of My people say they are hungry, yet they refuse to eat. Many have become anorexic to My spirit, to Me and to My word. Too many have become hungry for that which is of the world and the flesh. Many of those who say they are mine choose to fill up on the world, flesh and selfishness. Did I not say, taste and see that I am good? I say to you, My beloved, come and eat. Fill up and be made strong in Me, in My spirit and My word. Know this, you will never grow and be strong in all I am, in My spirit and My word unless you eat it and fill up. I said, I will satisfy the longing soul. I said, they that HUNGER and thirst after righteousness shall be filled. Ask of Me, hunger for Me. Hunger for more of all I am and I will fill you to overflowing sayeth the Lord.

Will you shout?

Shout! Shout with a voice of triumph! Shout with a voice of praise! Will you do it? Will you shout? For behold, I have given you the victory. Watch as the walls fall before you. I have said, the gates of hell will not prevail. Shout, let your voice be heard. Shout, let the atmosphere be changed. Shout through your relationship with Me. Shout through your life being crucified with Christ. Shout by walking according to the spirit and not fulfilling the lusts of the flesh. Shout, for behold, EVERY knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess Jesus Christ is Lord. I say, be silent no more. Lift Me up and be that witness. For I will draw all men unto myself and do a great work like never before sayeth the Lord.

Let Me douse you!

Have you been doused? Will you let Me do it? Let Me douse you. Let Me douse you in the oil of My spirit. Let Me douse you with My love, My joy and My peace! Let me come in and douse you with My presence and My glory. For lo, I will. I will cover you. I will submerge you. I will cause you to be overwhelmed and saturated. It will be undeniable. Just allow Me to do it. Will you? Will you allow Me to or will you deny Me. Know this, there are those who would try to douse My fire in you, yet they cannot. My fire will burn. My love will be shown. My spirit will be evident and shown forth. I will douse you with the oil of joy. You shall be known as mine and I will be known as yours sayeth the Lord.

Have you been justified?

Have you been justified? Have you been made righteous and holy? Have you become blameless and without reproach? How is it? How have you been justified? For lo, I tell you this, many justify themselves. Many claim to be justified by their actions, their works and by religion. There are even those who say they are justified, yet it is by their own vain imaginations. I tell you this, there is none righteous, no not one in the flesh. I poured out the blood of the lamb to pay the price for you. Yes, to restore you unto myself. It is through Christ Jesus you have become righteous. It is through the finished work of the cross you are justified and made in right standing with Me. I say, put down your pride. Put down all selfishness. Come, receive of Me. Be mine and know I have done all to keep you and justify you in My sight sayeth the Lord.