Can I reveal it?

I ask you this, can I reveal it? Can I? Will you let Me? For lo, I will reveal to you that which you have never seen or known before. For man can only see so much. Flesh can only see so far, yet allow Me to and I will show you more. For I will reveal to you the full spectrum. I will allow you to see the truth of all that is hidden. I will reveal the hidden things. Many refuse, for pride, selfishness and arrogance have gotten in the way. I say, just as the human eye can only see so many colors, so the flesh can only see so much of My wonders, My works and My spirit. I say, humble yourself before Me. I will show you things you have never seen before. I will show you hues and colors of Me, My spirit and all I am like you have never seen or experienced before sayeth the great and mighty Lord of hosts.

Will you look in the ashes?

What are you doing? Why are you there? Will you look in the ashes? What is there you want or desire? I said I will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire. My fire has burnt up all the past. My fire has burnt up all that is dead and dying. Will you be as Lot’s wife? Will you look back? Will you look in the ashes? I said, I will refine you. I said I make ALL things new. I have made you a new creature in Christ. I say, look to Me, the author and finisher of your faith. Remember what I have said in My word, a man who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is not fit for My kingdom. Come, look to Me. For behold, I do a new thing. Keep your eye single. Come follow Me and behold My glory in you, to you and through you. For you are the apple of My eye and I love you sayeth the Lord.

Will you hunger for it?

Will you hunger for it? Will you thirst for it? Will you long for and desire it like never before? For lo, I have said they that hunger and thirst after righteousness shall be filled. Well I say, those who hunger and thirst for revival, for My fire and for Me to move, they shall be filled. For many of My people ask of Me yet they do not truly desire it. Many seek for it, yet they do not hunger or thirst. For they speak it out with their lips yet they deny it with their lives. I say, ask of Me. Ask of Me to give you a hunger. Ask of Me to give you a thirst. I say, desire that good thing. Yes, desire the best I have for you. You see, I will fill you to overflowing. I will burn in you. I will bring a revival never seen before. Just call to Me, thank Me, worship Me in spirit and in truth and see that I am faithful and true sayeth the Lord.

Can I rub it in?

Let Me preserve you. I say, let Me keep you. For I have said I know how to keep you. Can I rub it in? I say, let Me rub in the salt of My word, the salt of My spirit and the salt of My love. For you see, I will preserve you and keep you from the rot and impurities of this world. I have said, you are the salt of the world. Well, as I am so are you. It is through your intimate desire and relationship with Me you allow Me to rub it in. For soon, no one can tell the difference between you and Me. For we are so mixed in and intertwined. I said to hide My word in your heart. Well, let Me rub it in and engrave it upon the tablets of your heart. For I tell you, you shall be seasoned with fire. Yes, you shall be filled with My Holy Spirit and with fire and you shall be known and called by My name sayeth the Lord.

Have you lifted it up?

Have you? Have you lifted it up? Have you lifted up your head? Have you lifted up your hands? I say, lift up your voice in praise to Me. Praise Me for all I have promised. Praise Me for all I have said I would do, for all I have done and all I am doing. I say, lift up your voice with thanksgiving and praise upon your lips. Lift up your requests before Me. Lift them up in faith. Lift them up and know I hear you. For My ears are attentive to those whose hearts are towards Me and love Me. I say, lift up your cup. I will fill it. For I tell you, it is your faith that moves Me. Remember what I have made clear in My word. You must believe that I AM and I AM a rewarded of those that diligently seek Me. I say, lift it all up to Me and know I will perform My word sayeth the Lord.

Have you felt it?

Have you felt it? Have you felt the beating of My heart? Have you felt the touch of My hand? Have you felt the wind of My spirit? I tell you, I will give you My heart. I say, just draw close to Me. For you shall feel My heart beat. You shall feel My touch and the wind of My spirit. It is only when you draw close and cling to Me. I say draw close. For I will wrap myself around you. I will abide in you and with you. Will you come and abide in and with Me? I say, let go of that which separates. For I wait for you. Come in past the brazen altar. Come in past the curtain that separates. For I call out to you, My beloved. Come, come, come unto Me. Love Me as I love you, desire Me as I so desire you and know Me as I know you sayeth the Lord.

Would you drink it?

What would you drink? Would you drink it? For lo, it has been set before you, the cups of life and death. What will you choose? Would you choose to drink the cup of dregs and poison of the flesh, the world and sin? Would you choose to drink up of the living waters that never run dry? I tell you this, you must choose. For you cannot drink the cup of devils and My cup. For lo, many have tried, yet they have become poisoned with the lies of the enemy. I tell you, mixture is still mixture no matter how great or small. I say to you, come and be My beloved. Come be made whole and clean. Come and drink of My cup. Yes, be refreshed, be renewed, be transformed and full of all I am sayeth the Lord.

Have you heard it?

Have you heard it? Will you listen? Have you heard My still small voice? Will you listen to and hear all I say? For lo, many do not even realize I speak. Others never know or realize I am speaking to them. I tell you, some have heard, yet they have refused or neglected to do that which I have spoken to them. For others, their ears have become plugged with selfishness, flesh and this world. For the noise of this world, the flesh and selfishness has become louder than My voice. I say, remove thyself. Step aside and go in to the cleft of the rock. I say, go into that hiding place, go into your secret place and wait upon Me. Know that I will give you ears to hear. For I make deaf ears open. Listen and know that which I desire. For I will reveal My hearts intentions to you, for you shall know as you are known sayeth the Lord.

What will you believe in?

What will you believe in? Will you believe in Me? Will you believe in all I am and all I do? Will you believe in My wonder working, supernatural power? For lo, I will do that which is beyond natural. I will do that which is beyond reason. For many have chosen to only believe in the natural. They have put their faith in this realm. I say, put your faith in Me. I said, believe that you receive. Do you not know or remember what My word says? I say, believe that I AM and I am a rewarded of those who diligently seek Me. Let Me prove myself to you. Let Me prove myself in you and through you. For I will take all that seems impossible and bring it to fruition as you believe by faith that I will do all I said I would do sayeth the Lord.

Have you become a part of it?

Tell Me, have you? Have you become a part of it? Have you become a part of the unity I so desire? Have you joined in, in the chorus of My heartbeat? For lo, though there are many who say they are mine, they do NOT walk in unity. For their hearts beat for their own desires, their own wants and dreams. Yes, I have said there are many parts, yet ONE body. For I tell you, they shall know you are mine by your love. Your love for Me, your love for My spirit, your love for My word and your love for each other. I tell you, our hearts shall beat as one. My bride’s heart shall beat as mine. For just as I have said, the two shall become one. Will you come? Will you stand in unity with Me? Will you stand in unity as My bride or will you go forth and be separate and walk as you desire sayeth the Lord?