Category: The Bride

Have you any meat left?

Let Me give you more. Allow Me to open My word up and give you the deep things. Allow Me to reveal the secret things that penetrate your heart. Let Me wean you from the milk. Allow Me to take you to the thick… Continue Reading “Have you any meat left?”

What have you accumulated?

What is that you are working for? Is it eternal? Is it for Me and My glory or for your own selfishness? Many of My people are unaware of what they are accumulating. Many are piling up nothing more than wood, hay and stubble.… Continue Reading “What have you accumulated?”

Has it been marred?

Has My beauty been marred? For lo, religion, traditions of men and the flesh have tried. Yet know this, I will be glorified amongst all men. I will be magnified amongst all nations. For I have set aside those whose hearts are towards Me.… Continue Reading “Has it been marred?”


Will you accompany Me? Will you go higher? Will you allow Me to give you hinds feet? For I know the plans and purposes I have for you. Will you come up hither? Will you come up higher? For I know how to keep… Continue Reading “WILL YOU ACCOMPANY ME?”


Who were you designed to be? Can you tell Me? Do you know? Have you eyes to see or a mind to understand? Who were you designed to be? For lo, you were formed and fashioned in My image. You are fearfully and wonderfully… Continue Reading “WHO WERE YOU DESIGNED TO BE?”


Will you listen? Will you listen to Me? Will you hear and listen to the song I sing? For I sing over you a new song. I dance over you. Do you not realize or know the depth of My love for you? Do… Continue Reading “WILL YOU LISTEN?”


What time is it? I ask you, what time is it? It is time for My bride to arise! It is time to be judged. For judgment comes to the house of the Lord first. For MY people will be judged faithful. Yes, My… Continue Reading “WHAT TIME IS IT?”