Category: The Bride

Will you be it?

Have you made your decision? Have you made your choice? Will you be it? What will you be? Will you be My beloved? Will you be My pure bride? Will you be dressed and ready for the wedding supper without spot or wrinkle? Will… Continue Reading “Will you be it?”

Are you prepared?

Are you prepared? Are you prepared for what’s to come? For lo, I come for a pure bride. I come for My people, those who are without spot or wrinkle. Do you have on your wedding garments? Is your lamp full of oil? Will… Continue Reading “Are you prepared?”

Have you put it on?

Have you put it on? Have you put on your wedding garments? Have you prepared yourself and made yourself ready? Will you be found in that day without your wedding garments on? For lo, those who do not have on their wedding garments shall… Continue Reading “Have you put it on?”

Where is she?

Where is she? Where is My bride? I tell you this, My bride is set apart. My beloved is hidden in Me. I am waiting, I am looking. For My bride is to be without spot or wrinkle. Know this, I come for My… Continue Reading “Where is she?”

Have you gotten in?

Have you gotten in? Have you gotten into the ark I have provided? For lo, I will flood you. Yes, I will wash away and destroy all that is evil, vile and defiles. I say, hide in Me. Know that I will remove all… Continue Reading “Have you gotten in?”

Have I prepared it?

I ask you this, have I? Have I prepared it? I have! I have prepared it and have gone ahead of you, yet you must go and follow My lead. For I have said I will lead you and guide you into all truth.… Continue Reading “Have I prepared it?”

Have they been stirred?

Have they been stirred? Have the waters been stirred up? Will you come? Will you come and step into the waters of My love? Will you step into the waters of My spirit ? Will you step into the waters of My presence and… Continue Reading “Have they been stirred?”

How does it beat?

Does your heart beat? Does it beat as mine? How does it beat? How does your heart beat? For I tell you, your heart is to beat as mine. Our hearts are to beat as one. For lo, you are My body. The body… Continue Reading “How does it beat?”

Have you sounded it?

Have you sounded it? Have you sounded the horn of deliverance? Have you sounded the horn of salvation? Have you sounded the horn of My love, My spirit and My word? I tell you, sound it! Yes, sound it out for all to hear.… Continue Reading “Have you sounded it?”

Are they girded?

Are you ready? How are your feet? Are they girded? Have you the lamb inside of you? Have you the blood over you? For lo, when I say go, will you be ready to go? I tell you this, many are not. Yes, some… Continue Reading “Are they girded?”