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What does it look like?

What does it look like? Can you tell me? Do not look at what things appear to be. Do not look at it with the natural eye. Do not look with the eyes of the flesh or your own strength and understanding. I said… Continue Reading “What does it look like?”

Will you do it?

Will you do it? Will you lean upon Me? Will you trust in and rely upon Me? Will you let Me strengthen you? For lo, I will strengthen you. I will empower you. For I am your strength. When you are weak I am… Continue Reading “Will you do it?”

Watch it grow.

Watch it. Watch it grow. Watch as the seed you have sown grows up and brings forth a harvest. For remember this, I bring the increase. You are to sow in hope. Sow My word. Sow My peace. Sow My love in faith. For… Continue Reading “Watch it grow.”

Are you hungry?

Are you hungry? Have you had enough? Are you full? Ask and I will give to you. Let Me give you calamus. For lo, I will cause you to be hungry. I will give you that insatiable appetite. Too many have been hungry, yet… Continue Reading “Are you hungry?”

How are your bones?

How are they? Can you tell Me? How are your bones? Are they fat and full of life? Are they dried up and dead? For lo, My word is health to your bones. You see, many are dead. Many are just white washed tombs… Continue Reading “How are your bones?”

Week 29 – by Tanner age 18

People often underestimate or forget the power of confession.(James 3:1-12) The tongue is very powerful. The power does not come from the tongue itself but from within the person. The tongue is simply the means of which that what is within us is released.… Continue Reading “Week 29 – by Tanner age 18”

Christ likeness – by Tanner age 18

The word “Christian” means follower of Christ. Our lives are to be modeled and fashioned after Christ. Christ is our example and our Lord. Now that Jesus is not on the earth we now take His place “;As He is so are we on… Continue Reading “Christ likeness – by Tanner age 18”

What did you expect?

What did you expect when you came thirsty to the well of living water? Did you expect to leave satisfied or still thirsty? What did you expect when you came to eat the Manna from heaven? Did you expect to be full or still… Continue Reading “What did you expect?”

Narrow is the way part 2 – by Tanner age 18

As a believer steps into this higher level of relationship with God there may be less people to have communion with because God is filling a widening gap. That gap is made because people nurtured the spiritual growth of the believer until the believer… Continue Reading “Narrow is the way part 2 – by Tanner age 18”

Narrow is the way – by Tanner age 18

If a believer decides to really live for the Lord and seek to know God with all they are, they will soon find that it is a lonely road. As sad as it is, there are few who truly live a holy life devoted… Continue Reading “Narrow is the way – by Tanner age 18”