Category: Revival

Can you sense it?

Can you sense it? Can you sense it? Can you hear it? Can you feel it coming in? I am speaking of the abundance of rain. For it is no longer the size of a man’s fist, but the clouds are gathering. They are… Continue Reading “Can you sense it?”

Has it reached you?

Has it reached you? Have you heard it? Has it reached you? For the song of revival has been sung. For lo, the music of My spirit has been released. Are you waiting? Are you listening? For lo, it has resonated in the hearts… Continue Reading “Has it reached you?”

Have you seen it?

Have you seen it? Have you seen it, the oncoming army? For they are gathering now. For lo, they are My army. Those whose hearts are mine. Those who bow to none other. For lo, I have prepared My people. I have prepared My… Continue Reading “Have you seen it?”