Category: Revival

Can it be held?

Can it be held? Can it be held in a container? Can it be held in a jar? Can it be held at all or contained in a building? No, I say no it cannot. For My spirit is uncontainable. My love, My power… Continue Reading “Can it be held?”

Have I not done it?

Do not think it is far off. Do not think it is not going to happen or it will not come. I ask you, have I not done it before? I am the same yesterday, today and forever. I have poured out My spirit… Continue Reading “Have I not done it?”

Has it been lit?

Has it been lit? Has the fire of revival been lit? Has it been lit within you? For lo, many call out to Me. Many cry for revival, yet they desire it to come from another. They want the benefits without the work, without… Continue Reading “Has it been lit?”

Has it been placed?

Look and see. Can you tell? Has it been placed? Has all been placed in order? I tell you, yes! Yes it has. Know this, the sparks of revival have begun. They have touched the edges and began to smolder. Watch as I blow… Continue Reading “Has it been placed?”

Let it be known!

Let it be known, I will separate the wheat from the chaff. I tell you, I have began to separate the wheat from the tares. Yes, I have allowed them to grow up together, yet know this, the world has seen it. The world… Continue Reading “Let it be known!”

Are you aware?

Are you aware? Are you aware of the coming storm? Are you aware of the onset of rain? Are you aware of the manifest glory I will bring down upon this earth? I tell you, so many of My people are not. Too many… Continue Reading “Are you aware?”

Will I bring it?

Will I bring it? Yes, yes I will. I will bring it. I will bring that which has never been seen before. I will bring in a new wave of My spirit. I will bring in a new fire that will consume My people.… Continue Reading “Will I bring it?”

Let it fall

Let it fall. Will you? Will you let it fall? I say, let My presence fall upon you. Allow My spirit to fall and fill the atmosphere. For lo, there are many who will not. For their pride, arrogance and selfishness gets in the… Continue Reading “Let it fall”

Have I prepared it?

I ask you this, have I? Have I prepared it? I have! I have prepared it and have gone ahead of you, yet you must go and follow My lead. For I have said I will lead you and guide you into all truth.… Continue Reading “Have I prepared it?”

How much do you desire?

How much? How much do you desire? How much of My spirit, My presence and My fullness? How much do you desire the rain of My spirit? Would you go and look for the cloud only once? Would you go only twice? I tell… Continue Reading “How much do you desire?”