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Will you worship me and me alone? Will you worship Me and Me alone? Or will you lift your soul to another? Will you worship Me or your idea of who I am? Will you worship Me in SPIRIT and TRUTH or with your… Continue Reading “WILL YOU WORSHIP ME ALONE?”


Is the altar empty? I tell you, I desire it to be full. For I desire you to pour yourself out upon the altar daily, to become that living sacrifice. To offer yourselves as a sacrifice of praise. I tell you, as you mortify… Continue Reading “IS THE ALTAR EMPTY?”


Have you given yourself over? Have you given yourself over? Have you crossed that line? Have you decided I am all you need? Have you decided I am all you want and desire? That is My greatest joy, that you would desire Me above… Continue Reading “HAVE YOU GIVEN YOURSELF OVER?”


Have the birds stopped singing? For though they have nothing to show, they sing My praises. Though they store up nothing, They worship Me. Take care for nothing, for I have supplied all things for you. Do you worship Me, in the good and… Continue Reading “HAVE THE BIRDS STOPPED SINGING?”

Where have they gone?

Where have they gone? Where, where have they gone? Where have the true worshippers gone? I say, let the true worshippers arise! Let their voices be heard. Let the whole earth be filled with her sound. For lo, I desire those who worship Me,… Continue Reading “Where have they gone?”

Will you let Me sing?

Will you let Me sing to you? Will you let Me sing through you? For you know I dance over you with joy. You know as I am so are you on this earth. Your life is a song of praise to Me. My… Continue Reading “Will you let Me sing?”

Has the wind blown?

Has the wind blown? Has the wind of My Spirit blown through you? For just as breath blows through an instrument to make music, so I choose to blow through you, to make the music of heaven evident on this earth. I say, allow… Continue Reading “Has the wind blown?”

Will you listen?

Will you listen? Will you hear the songs of heaven? Will you hear the voice of praise? For I tell you, MY sheep hear My voice and another they will not follow. Know this, there are other voices. The voice of the flesh, the… Continue Reading “Will you listen?”