Category: Praise

Have you let it go?

I say let it go. Let the praises go forth and lift up My name. I ask you this, have you? Have you let it go? For your praises and worship are a mighty weapon. Just as the stone went forth out of David’s… Continue Reading “Have you let it go?”

Will you come?

Dance in My presence, sing and joy and know that I love you. For you were mine from the foundation of the earth. You were the joy set before Me when My Son hung upon the cross. I say, come into My courts with… Continue Reading “Will you come?”

Will you move them?

Will you just stand there? Will you move your feet? Will you dance before Me? For I am the joy of your salvation. I say, move your feet. Let them move to the rhythm of My spirit. Let them move to the beat of… Continue Reading “Will you move them?”

Has it cried?

What is that sound? Is it the rocks? For I have said if you keep silent the rocks will cry out. Will you let rocks replace you? For many sing praise yet, it is out of the wrong heart. I said, I desire pure… Continue Reading “Has it cried?”

Have you been refreshed?

I would ask you, have you been refreshed? No? Well, allow My living waters to wash over you. Allow the rain of My spirit to flood every area of your life. Are you dry and weary? Then come to Me, drink deep of the… Continue Reading “Have you been refreshed?”

Has the clock struck?

For lo, I tell you this, though it may seem to be a dark hour, I will shake all. Though you may seem trapped and caged in, I will break all loose. Just remember, I am He who sets the captives free. I am… Continue Reading “Has the clock struck?”

Has it been made?

Have you made it? Have you made a habitation for Me? Has it been made by hands? For lo, I will make My habitation in that which was not made by hands. For remember, you are a temple of the Holy Spirit. I choose… Continue Reading “Has it been made?”

Have you used it?

Have you? Have you used it? Have you used the weapons I have given you? Have you used the weapon of praise and worship? Do you not know? Did you not realize? For I tell you this, praise and worship is a mighty weapon.… Continue Reading “Have you used it?”

Have you heard it?

Have you heard the sound of My voice? I say, let the oceans roar! Let the winds howl. Let the rocks cry out. For lo, let EVERYTHING that has breathe praise My name. For though the world has ears to hear, they hear not.… Continue Reading “Have you heard it?”

I say be it!

Let your voice be heard! Let the sound of My praise emanate from you, from your life and all you are. I say, let the sound of worship fill the atmosphere. I say, you are an instrument of war. Let Me wield you and… Continue Reading “I say be it!”