Category: Praise

Worship Me!

O to hear you call My name. O to hear you lift Me up and worship Me. Do you know how much that pleases Me? Do you realize how much it gives Me joy? I say remember this, I desire those who worship Me… Continue Reading “Worship Me!”

Let Me hear it?

I say to you, let Me hear it! Let Me hear your heart cries. Let Me hear your petitions. Let Me hear the groaning that cannot be uttered. Let Me hear you pray in the spirit and with understanding. I say to you, let… Continue Reading “Let Me hear it?”

Will you lift it up?

Will you lift up your voice? Will you lift up your voice in praise? Will you lift it up in worship and honor to Me? I tell you this, many worship Me yet they choose to only worship Me in public. Yes, in the… Continue Reading “Will you lift it up?”

How lovely is it?

Do you know? Have you heard? How lovely is it? How lovely is the sound of your praise? Did you know, it is so beautiful? Did you know, it is wonderful to Me? Your life is a testimony of Me. You become that living… Continue Reading “How lovely is it?”

Will you allow Me to fill you?

Will you allow Me to fill you? Fill you with My song? Many would sing their own tune from their head and not their heart. They sing from what they know, not who they know. Let Me fill you. Let Me know you. Let… Continue Reading “Will you allow Me to fill you?”

Will you come?

Dance in My presence, sing and joy and know that I love you. For you were mine from the foundation of the earth. You were the joy set before Me when My Son hung upon the cross. I say, come into My courts with… Continue Reading “Will you come?”

Have you given yourself over?

Have you given yourself over? Have you crossed that line? Have you decided I am all you need? Have you decided I am all you want and desire? That is My greatest joy. That you would desire Me above all else. For when you… Continue Reading “Have you given yourself over?”

Can I play you?

Will you be it? Will you be that instrument in My hand? Can I play you? Will you let Me? For I desire to have you be the instrument that plays the sound of My love. Yes, the sound of My heart, My Spirit… Continue Reading “Can I play you?”

Does your heart sing?

Is your joy complete in Me? For I have given you a song, a song of rejoicing. It is a new song, a song of the spirit. For every time you say My name, every time you bring Me to remembrance, every time you… Continue Reading “Does your heart sing?”

Have you a heart to worship?

Lift up your voice and praise. Be silent no more, let your cries be heard. For I understand the cries of your heart. I understand the worship of a pure spirit. As you worship Me, I move on your behalf. As you worship, My… Continue Reading “Have you a heart to worship?”