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Are you refreshed? For My love is like candy. It is sweet like the honeycomb. My word is refreshing like the brook from a mountain stream. My spirit is soothing, like oil and wine upon a wound. Will you come? Will you be refreshed?… Continue Reading “ARE YOU REFRESHED?”


Have you risen up? Come, come to Me. Rise up and come hither! Let Me love on you and give you rest. Let Me love on you and show you My glory. I love you so much. You know it is My good pleasure… Continue Reading “HAVE YOU RISEN UP?”

What are you?

What are you? Are you an image of Me and My love or are you just a tinkling bell, a clanging cymbal? There are far too many who claim to be mine, yet in reality they are not. They do not walk in My… Continue Reading “What are you?”

How will you see?

How will you see? Will you see with the eyes of My spirit? Will you see with My heart? Will you see through My love? For many only see what they want. Too many only see with their eyes clouded over. Their eyes have… Continue Reading “How will you see?”