Category: Love

Have you felt it?

Have you felt it? Have you felt the beating of My heart? Have you felt the touch of My hand? Have you felt the wind of My spirit? I tell you, I will give you My heart. I say, just draw close to Me.… Continue Reading “Have you felt it?”

Will you follow Me?

Come, follow Me! Will you come? Will you follow Me? For lo, many come yet they follow an idea of Me. Will you follow Me out of love? Know this, I have loved you from the foundations of the earth. There are those who… Continue Reading “Will you follow Me?”

What are you?

Are you precious? Are you holy? Are you set apart and sanctified? Well then let Me tell you this, you are also an alabaster box. For you carry that treasure in a earthen vessel. Many do not see it. Many do not know or… Continue Reading “What are you?”

How lovely is it?

Do you know? Have you heard? How lovely is it? How lovely is the sound of your praise? Did you know, it is so beautiful? Did you know, it is wonderful to Me? Your life is a testimony of Me. You become that living… Continue Reading “How lovely is it?”

Where is your treasure at?

Have you seen My handy work? Have you seen the stars? For I placed them each by My own hand. Yet I have seen you. I have formed and fashioned you and know you by name. I have counted each hair. There is nothing… Continue Reading “Where is your treasure at?”

Will you be mine?

Will you be My beloved friend? Will you take My hand and walk with Me? Will you spend time with Me? No, not just a little time here and there but will you spend quality time, intimate time? For I tell you, I will… Continue Reading “Will you be mine?”

Have you given yourself over?

Have you given yourself over? Have you crossed that line? Have you decided I am all you need? Have you decided I am all you want and desire? That is My greatest joy. That you would desire Me above all else. For when you… Continue Reading “Have you given yourself over?”

Will you move them?

Will you just stand there? Will you move your feet? Will you dance before Me? For I am the joy of your salvation. I say, move your feet. Let them move to the rhythm of My spirit. Let them move to the beat of… Continue Reading “Will you move them?”

Do you know it?

Do you know it? Do you believe it? Nothing can separate you from My love. Not height, nor depth, nor angel, nor demon, nor principality or sin. For remember, I loved you while you were yet in sin. Nothing can separate Me from loving… Continue Reading “Do you know it?”

Can I love you?

Have you been swept away? Have you been swept away with My love for you, with My glory, with My presence and My Spirit? Will you allow Me to? Allow Me to sweep you away. Allow Me to flood over you and sweep you… Continue Reading “Can I love you?”