Category: Intimacy

Let Me kiss you!

Let Me kiss you with My glory. Let Me wrap My arms around you and hold you tight. Allow Me to bring you into My presence with singing and gladness. Do you not know I joy over you? Have you not seen I dance… Continue Reading “Let Me kiss you!”

Will you behold it?

Will you behold it? Will you behold the beauty of My holiness? Will you behold the beauty of My glory? I say come, come behold My beauty. Come and Know Me. Come and behold My love and My mercy. Come into the secret place.… Continue Reading “Will you behold it?”

Are you hungry for more?

Are you? Are you hungry for more? Then step up. Come close. Allow Me to fill your cup. Let Me fill you to overflowing, Pressed down, shaken together, running over. Have you forgotten or do you not realize, as you taste of Me your… Continue Reading “Are you hungry for more?”

Has it been made?

Have you made it? Have you made a habitation for Me? Has it been made by hands? For lo, I will make My habitation in that which was not made by hands. For remember, you are a temple of the Holy Spirit. I choose… Continue Reading “Has it been made?”

Can I be with you?

Can I be with you or will you walk away? I desire to be with you all through the night and the day. Can I be with you? In My presence will you stay? Will you hold firm to My hand or with each… Continue Reading “Can I be with you?”

Do you know Me?

Do you know Me or just know My name? Do you seek Me or do you seek out your own gain? I have called you! For no man comes to Me unless I call them, unless My Spirit draws them. There are too many… Continue Reading “Do you know Me?”

Has it cried out?

Has deep cried out to deep? Have you sought Me in earnest desire? For lo, I will speak to you. I will speak to you the deep mysteries of My goodness, My love, and of all I am. Yes, I will speak to you… Continue Reading “Has it cried out?”

Would you press in?

Would you press in, press in to the secret place?  Would you hide in the cleft of the rock, would you abide in Me?  There are so many of My people who do not. Many who search for their own good pleasure. Those who… Continue Reading “Would you press in?”

Would you speak to Me?

Would you speak to Me and not at Me? I desire to commune with you. For you to speak to Me and Me to speak with you. I restored relationship so that you could know Me the way I know you. Too many people… Continue Reading “Would you speak to Me?”

Do you yearn for it?

Do you yearn for Me the way I yearn for you? Remember, I came to restore you, to repair and replace man’s perverseness. For you were designed and fashioned to commune with Me.  Those who yearn for Me, who hunger and thirst for Me,… Continue Reading “Do you yearn for it?”