Category: Intimacy

Has it faded?

Look and see! Has it faded? Has the flower faded? Has the grass withered? Has My word EVER changed? No! I tell you, My love for you has never changed. I love you with an everlasting love. I proved My love for you on… Continue Reading “Has it faded?”

Did you hear it?

Did you hear it? Did you hear My call? I have called you by name. Do you see it? I have prepared a meal for you. Will you come and sup with Me and Me with you? I have so much to give to… Continue Reading “Did you hear it?”

Who is it?

Who is it? Who is it who lives inside of you? Is it not the king of glory? Is it not the great God Jehovah? Is it not He who overcame death, hell and the grave? I have said, I will come and make… Continue Reading “Who is it?”

How will you be?

How will you be? Will you be like a little child? Will you be humble and believe? For that is what I desire. Yes, that is what I look for, yet many of My people have chosen to be high minded. Too many chose… Continue Reading “How will you be?”

What were you made for?

Can you tell Me? What is it? What were you made for? I tell you, you were made by Me and for Me. You were made to be My beloved bride. You were not made for sin, death or hell. Do not allow the… Continue Reading “What were you made for?”

Will you seek Me?

Where are you? What have you done? Have you come into the secret place just to up and leave? I say to you, wait upon Me. Yes, be still and know I am God. For lo, I will renew your strength. I desire to… Continue Reading “Will you seek Me?”

Will you bask in it?

Will you come? Will you enter in? Will you come boldly before My throne? I as you this, will you bask in it? Will you bask in My glory? Will you bask in My presence? Will you bask in My power and My spirit?… Continue Reading “Will you bask in it?”

Have you felt it?

Have you felt it? Have you felt the beating of My heart? Have you felt the touch of My hand? Have you felt the wind of My spirit? I tell you, I will give you My heart. I say, just draw close to Me.… Continue Reading “Have you felt it?”

Have you become a part of it?

Tell Me, have you? Have you become a part of it? Have you become a part of the unity I so desire? Have you joined in, in the chorus of My heartbeat? For lo, though there are many who say they are mine, they… Continue Reading “Have you become a part of it?”

Does it ache?

Does it ache? Does your heart ache for Me? Does your heart yearn for more? Do you hunger and thirst after Me and My righteousness? Know this, I will fill you. Have I not said it in My word? For I have said it… Continue Reading “Does it ache?”