Category: Intimacy

Have you sought it?

Have you sought it? Have you sought My face? Have you sought after Me or have you sought after that which I do? Have you sought to know Me? Have you sought that intimate, personal relationship I so desire? For lo, there are many… Continue Reading “Have you sought it?”

Will you commune?

Will you? Will you commune with Me? Will you really and truly commune? For many come to Me and talk at Me. There are many of My people who only ask of Me. They see Me as a resource. I said I came to… Continue Reading “Will you commune?”

Will you drink?

Will you drink up of My spirit? For I have plenty. I have more than enough. For I am willing and ready. I desire to pour out My spirit. I say come, come and drink to your fill. Drink from the fountains of living… Continue Reading “Will you drink?”

Have you come to the garden?

Have you come to the garden or run to the field? Have you come to spend time with Me in the cool of the morning? For many have decided to run to the field. They have decided to toil and work the ground by… Continue Reading “Have you come to the garden?”

Will you stand out?

What will you do? Will you stand out? I said you are not to conform to this world. You are a holy nation, a peculiar people. I say, stand out. For you are in this world yet you are not of it. The world… Continue Reading “Will you stand out?”

Who am I?

Who am I? I am the Lord God Almighty! I am He who answers by fire. I am that consuming fire. I am the fourth man in the fire. I am your God, your king, your friend and the lover of your soul. There… Continue Reading “Who am I?”

Will you embrace it?

What will you do? Will you embrace it? Will you embrace My word? Will you embrace My love, My spirit and My fullness? Will you lay hold of it and hide it in your heart? I ask you this, will you be a hearer… Continue Reading “Will you embrace it?”

Has it spilled?

Has it spilled? Has it spilled over into all you are, all you say and all you do? Has your relationship with Me spilled over? For lo, there are many who have not. Too many try to keep their relationship with Me bottled up.… Continue Reading “Has it spilled?”

What is it?

What is it? What determines My love and desire for you? Is it a prayer? Is it how much of My word you know? Is it through attendance of a “church” every Sunday and Wednesday? Is it by works? I tell you, no! For… Continue Reading “What is it?”

Where will you dwell?

Where will you dwell? Where is it? Where have you decided? Will you dwell in My house forever? Will you dwell under the shadow of My hand? Will you dwell in My presence and in My spirit? In Me, you are to live and… Continue Reading “Where will you dwell?”