Category: Intimacy

Does it long?

Does it long? Does it pant? What does your heart long for? What does it pant after? What does your soul desire and cling to? Does it long after Me? Does it pant after Me? Does it desire and cling to Me? Does your… Continue Reading “Does it long?”

How intimate do you want to be?

How intimate do you want to be? How intimate with Me do you want to be? For it is up to you. Do you want to know Me as I know you? Do you want to love Me as I love you? There are… Continue Reading “How intimate do you want to be?”

Will you be intimate?

What will you do? Will you be intimate? Who or what will you be intimate with? For lo, many have chosen to become intimate with the world, the flesh, self and sin. I desire you to be intimate with Me. I desire you to… Continue Reading “Will you be intimate?”

Have you sought ME?

What have you done? What have you sought after? Have you sought to know about Me? Have you sought Me just for a touch, wisdom, healing and salvation? Have you sought after Me or after what I can give you? I said you are… Continue Reading “Have you sought ME?”

What do I desire?

What do I desire? Do you know? Do you have an idea or even realize what it is? I desire you! I desire your love and intimacy with Me. I desire that personal relationship with Me. It is man that has put in place… Continue Reading “What do I desire?”

Can I spend it?

Can I spend it? Can I spend My day with you? Can I come in and sup with you and you with Me? Can we walk in the cool of day? Will you spend it with Me? Do you really want to or will… Continue Reading “Can I spend it?”

Have you sought it?

Have you sought it? Have you sought My face? Have you sought after Me or have you sought after that which I do? Have you sought to know Me? Have you sought that intimate, personal relationship I so desire? For lo, there are many… Continue Reading “Have you sought it?”

Will you commune?

Will you? Will you commune with Me? Will you really and truly commune? For many come to Me and talk at Me. There are many of My people who only ask of Me. They see Me as a resource. I said I came to… Continue Reading “Will you commune?”

Will you drink?

Will you drink up of My spirit? For I have plenty. I have more than enough. For I am willing and ready. I desire to pour out My spirit. I say come, come and drink to your fill. Drink from the fountains of living… Continue Reading “Will you drink?”

Have you come to the garden?

Have you come to the garden or run to the field? Have you come to spend time with Me in the cool of the morning? For many have decided to run to the field. They have decided to toil and work the ground by… Continue Reading “Have you come to the garden?”