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Holiness Part 10 by Tanner age 18

The only way holiness is possible is by faith. In God’s holiness you are saved from sin and the bible says “we are saved by grace through faith.” This means when you release your faith, grace comes to do the work. In this article… Continue Reading “Holiness Part 10 by Tanner age 18”

Holiness Part 9 by Tanner – age 18

One major sign that something is the truth is that it will draw lots of persecution. The last thing the devil wants is for us to see who we are in Christ. He wants us to either directly reject God or say we know… Continue Reading “Holiness Part 9 by Tanner – age 18”

Holiness Part 8 by Tanner – age 18

“IF YOU KNOW GOD, YOU KNOW WHAT HE DESIRES OF YOU, AND IF YOU LOVE GOD, YOU DO WHAT HE DESIRES OF YOU.” The response I have gotten to preaching holiness from many Christians is “nobody is perfect.” This comment means the same thing… Continue Reading “Holiness Part 8 by Tanner – age 18”


1 Thessalonians 3:11-13 (KJV) 11 Now God himself and our Father, and our Lord Jesus Christ, direct our way unto you. 12 And the Lord make you to increase and abound in love one toward another, and toward all men, even as we do toward you:… Continue Reading “Thessalonians”

Holiness Part 7 by Tanner – age 18

Holiness is not about what you do it’s about who you’ve become. The New Birth True holiness is created by God for the separation from sin for the reconciliation. God’s holiness can only come into man by God’s power. It is definitely not derived… Continue Reading “Holiness Part 7 by Tanner – age 18”

Holiness Part 6 by Tanner – age 18

What is holiness? Webster’s definition best suites the context I am discussing, but is very vague. It says, “devoted entirely to the deity or to the work of the deity.” Though this definition does not exactly do the holiness of God(when in men) justice,… Continue Reading “Holiness Part 6 by Tanner – age 18”


Works VS. Righteousness Holiness is not out of service; it is out of love. Even though it is tempting for us as believers to try and live according to our strength; that is not what God intended His relationship with man to be. A… Continue Reading “HOLINESS PART 5 BY TANNER-AGE 18”

Holiness Part 4 by Tanner – age 18

Holiness Part 4 by Tanner – age 18 Having seen that God is not pleased by good works alone, especially when done in the arm of the flesh, a question that soon arises is “well then, what does God want?” The answer is that… Continue Reading “Holiness Part 4 by Tanner – age 18”

Holiness Part 3 by Tanner – age 18

Something that many believers (mostly newborns) that love the Lord and want to live according to the higher call do or have done is read the word and find the requirements and instructions on how to live up to the standard that God has… Continue Reading “Holiness Part 3 by Tanner – age 18”

Holiness Part 2 by Tanner – age 18

Holiness Part 2 by Tanner – age 18 God has told us to be holy, separate, sanctified… pure. Whenever the Lord gives a commandment He does not leave us with our own strength and understanding. He also, with this commandment and any other that… Continue Reading “Holiness Part 2 by Tanner – age 18”