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Holiness Week 21 – by Tanner age 18

Holiness means to be separate from the world. God’s true separation is the only way. Some think that separation is primarily outward, they don’t do the things the world does. Some think that the separation is primarily inward, they think differently, but still participate… Continue Reading “Holiness Week 21 – by Tanner age 18”

Humble before a Holy God – by Tanner age 18

When I first started seeking to know the Lord, I began to see things in my life that I did that did not please the Lord. I wanted to please the Lord and I did not like the fact that I was doing things… Continue Reading “Humble before a Holy God – by Tanner age 18”

No grid for sin by Tanner – age 18

This past week the Lord showed Me a concept that sharpened my viewpoint/mindset on sin in the lives of believers. This concept blessed me and encouraged me in the truth and I felt that it was right to share it: Christians, real Christians that… Continue Reading “No grid for sin by Tanner – age 18”

Flesh VS. Spirit by Tanner – age 18

The difference between someone that lives a holy life and anyone else is not what they do…it is their heart and, for a lack of better term, their operating system. There are two systems a person can operate according to; the flesh and the… Continue Reading “Flesh VS. Spirit by Tanner – age 18”

Prayer to a HOLY God – by Tanner age 18

The thing that is vitally important in the life of a believer is prayer. This is what sets true believers apart from the rest of the church. Leonard Ravenhill said, “a man is only as good as His prayer life.” The “prayer closet” is… Continue Reading “Prayer to a HOLY God – by Tanner age 18”

Seek the HOLY Spirit by Tanner -age 18

When someone receives the Holy Spirit, the lense they look through changes. They begin to think holy. God, now that He is in that person, has a louder voice in their life. They have new conviction…holy conviction. God has put a pure and Godly… Continue Reading “Seek the HOLY Spirit by Tanner -age 18”

Has it been marred?

Has My beauty been marred? For lo, religion, traditions of men and the flesh have tried. Yet know this, I will be glorified amongst all men. I will be magnified amongst all nations. For I have set aside those whose hearts are towards Me.… Continue Reading “Has it been marred?”

Relationship with a Holy God – by Tanner age 18

Many Christians forget what being a Christian really is. Let this article serve as a reminder. People get caught up in “serving God” and miss out on relationship. God wants to be your greatest friend. God is a person. He wants you to spend… Continue Reading “Relationship with a Holy God – by Tanner age 18”

Holiness Part 12 by Tanner – age 18

As a believer begins to move toward God’s holiness most often they will run into some blockages. Deep down they want to do the things that God impresses upon their hearts and what they know is right but something is holding them up.  There’s… Continue Reading “Holiness Part 12 by Tanner – age 18”

Holiness Part 11 by Tanner – age 18

One thing that many believers and lovers of Christ struggle with is trying too hard to please God. These people that do this are not totally in the wrong. Their heart motive is correct- they want to please God. The only thing that is… Continue Reading “Holiness Part 11 by Tanner – age 18”