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Has it been blown?

Has it been blown? Has the battle cry gone out? Has the trumpet been blown? For lo, the army has began to assemble. For far too long they have been scattered abroad, yet I tell you, the alarm has been sound. The body, My… Continue Reading “Has it been blown?”

Have you held it?

Have you held it? Tell Me, have you? Have you held up the arms of your brothers and sisters in Me? Have you looked beyond the differences you hold and carry? For lo, you are the body of Christ. It is time. Time to… Continue Reading “Have you held it?”


Unity. O sweet unity. It is a precious thing. That is why the enemy has tried to destroy it. There is power in unity and it is precious to Me. Psalms 133:1-3 Geneva Behold, how good and how comely a thing it is, brethren… Continue Reading “Unity”

How will you see?

How will you see? Will you see with the eyes of My spirit? Will you see with My heart? Will you see through My love? For many only see what they want. Too many only see with their eyes clouded over. Their eyes have… Continue Reading “How will you see?”

Jesus Calling

  Jesus Calling Special Invitations. Special invitations sayeth the Lord. An invitation from Me to humanity. All of humanity. Those who seek shall find. An invitation to a fresh realm. A fresh realm of glory. A fresh realm of My spirit. A fresh realm… Continue Reading “Jesus Calling”