Category: H.O.P.

Will you come up hither?

Will you come up hither? Will you separate yourself? Will you be ye holy as I am holy? When will you finally decide to be in this world but not of it? You see, I have called you a peculiar people. I have marked… Continue Reading “Will you come up hither?”

How will you live?

How will you live? How will you live your life? Will you live it for Me? Will you live in My presence? Will you live a life of praise? There are many who live for themselves. There are those who are blinded. They have… Continue Reading “How will you live?”

Who has sanctified you?

Who has sanctified you? For that which is born of spirit is spirit. That which is born of flesh is flesh. Have you come to Me, come to ME to allow Me to sanctify you? Yet there are many who sanctify themselves. For you… Continue Reading “Who has sanctified you?”

Will you let Me sing?

Will you let Me sing to you? Will you let Me sing through you? For you know I dance over you with joy. You know as I am so are you on this earth. Your life is a song of praise to Me. My… Continue Reading “Will you let Me sing?”

Is My joy complete?

Is My joy complete? Has My joy consumed you? Is My joy complete? For lo, I have said My joy is your strength. For do you not realize, I joy over you? Do you not realize; I sing over you? Do you not know;… Continue Reading “Is My joy complete?”

Can you listen?

Can you listen? Can you listen, listen to what I have to say? For many are called, few are chosen. You are chosen. You are mine. For many have been called but few chose to be My beloved bride. Few decided to be without… Continue Reading “Can you listen?”

Will you stand for Me?

Will you stand for Me? Will you stand for Me? Will you stand for what I stand for or will you let the enemy bowl you over? Will you stand up against the world? Stand up against what this world represents? For My people… Continue Reading “Will you stand for Me?”

Have you made a stand?

Have you made a stand? For there are many of My people who have stood for a time, yet many have stood down. They either gave in, gave up or gave all. Have I not said in My word, when you have done all… Continue Reading “Have you made a stand?”

Will you stand and fight?

Will you stand and fight? I have said, fight the good fight of faith. Well, will you stand and fight? Will you fight to keep Me? For many have just let what I have given them slip idly by. They do not fight for… Continue Reading “Will you stand and fight?”

Has the wind blown?

Has the wind blown? Has the wind of My Spirit blown through you? For just as breath blows through an instrument to make music, so I choose to blow through you, to make the music of heaven evident on this earth. I say, allow… Continue Reading “Has the wind blown?”