Category: H.O.P.

Have you been plucked?

Have you been plucked? For lo, just as a string on an instrument is plucked and resonates, so I desire you. I will pluck you and bring forth My beautiful music. As you lay down your life and love it not unto death, your… Continue Reading “Have you been plucked?”

Will you be the one?

Will you be the one? Will you be the one I use to show forth My glory? Will you be the one? Will you be the one who represents Me rightly? Will you be the one who refuses to bow to the gods of… Continue Reading “Will you be the one?”

Will you magnify Me?

Will you do it? Will you magnify Me? How? How will you magnify Me? I am magnified when My people walk in unity. Just as multiple lenses magnify an image, so will My people magnify Me. I said in My word, they will know… Continue Reading “Will you magnify Me?”

How have you brought it in?

How have you brought it in? How have you brought in this new year? Have you brought it in with fear and trembling? Have you brought it in with praise and worship? Know this, this is a new season, a new year and a… Continue Reading “How have you brought it in?”

Is it in sync?

How does it beat? How does your heart beat? Is it in sync? With what? Is it in sync with My heart? Does it beat in unison with My own? For lo, many of those who claim to be mine are not. Their hearts… Continue Reading “Is it in sync?”

Are you one?

Has this world seen it? Have they seen My body as one? Are you united? Are you united in spirit? I said, they shall know you are mine by your love for one another. I said in My word, I desire you to be… Continue Reading “Are you one?”

What’s that sound?

What’s that sound? Do you hear it? It is the sound of the next great move of My spirit. That sound which is soft and barely audible, is the sound of My army. It is the sound of the remnant. That is the sound… Continue Reading “What’s that sound?”

Has it been pulled?

Has it been pulled? Look and see. Has the string been pulled? I tell you, I will unravel ALL the plans of the enemy. I have pulled the string. At first it may not be noticeable. Yet know this, it has been pulled. Soon,… Continue Reading “Has it been pulled?”

Is it getting louder?

Do you hear it? Can you tell? Is it getting louder? I tell you, it is. For I am blowing upon My people. The winds of My spirit are blowing. First it appeared as a gentle wind, yet now it is getting stronger and… Continue Reading “Is it getting louder?”

Will it come?

Are you ready for it? Will it come? Are you ready for the next great move of My spirit? I tell you, it will come. Have you prayed for it? Have you desired it and spoken of it? Rejoice, be glad! For the prayers… Continue Reading “Will it come?”