Category: Faith

Is it THAT big?

For I hold the oceans in the palm of My hand. Is it too big for Me to move a mountain? For too many do not believe Me, nor My word. I say, I can only move with faith that is alive and active.… Continue Reading “Is it THAT big?”

What will you believe?

Will you believe the report of man? Will you believe the lie of the enemy? Will you believe the flesh and the reports of this world? I say believe Me! For My word is true. My word NEVER fails. For many have come to… Continue Reading “What will you believe?”

What did you expect?

What did you expect when you came thirsty to the well of living water? Did you expect to leave satisfied or still thirsty? What did you expect when you came to eat the Manna from heaven? Did you expect to be full or still… Continue Reading “What did you expect?”

What will you see?

What is it? What will you see? Will you see the here? Will you see the now? Will you see the storms, the winds and the waves? I say, look to Me. I say, look at Me. I ask you, will you see the… Continue Reading “What will you see?”

Do you have eyes to see?

Let Me open your eyes! Let Me give you eyes to see that which is unseen. For lo, many walk around with blinders on, many walk with the veil of the flesh covering their faces.  They cannot move forward into that which they do… Continue Reading “Do you have eyes to see?”

Where have you placed it?

Where have you placed your faith? Have you placed it in Me? Have you placed it in My word? Have you placed it in all I am? For many have placed their faith in other things, in other areas. For I have said, I… Continue Reading “Where have you placed it?”

Will you take it?

Will you receive that which I have to give to you? Will you take it? Will you take that which you do not have and make it your own? For lo, I have much to give. Yet so many of My people refuse to… Continue Reading “Will you take it?”

Have you used it?

Have you saught Me? Have you asked of Me? Well, what do you expect? Have you put your faith in action? Many just let it sit and stop there. It never moves forward. I tell you, put your faith to work. Many have put… Continue Reading “Have you used it?”

Has your heart fluttered?

Has it been stimulated by Me? Many of My people, too many of My body are being stimulated by emotion. Too many rely on what they “feel” or don’t “feel”. My word says to walk by FAITH! Faith is believing before you see. For… Continue Reading “Has your heart fluttered?”

Has it been planted?

Tell Me, has it? Has the seed of faith been planted? Then let it GROW! For I tell you this, so many have allowed the seed of faith to be planted, yet then they go on and dig it up. WHY? For how can… Continue Reading “Has it been planted?”