Category: Faith

Have you called it?

Have you called it? Have you called it your own? Have you called that which is not as though it were? For lo, many have called it according to the flesh, according to that which they can see and feel. I made it clear… Continue Reading “Have you called it?”

Where have you placed it?

Where is it? Where have you placed it? Where have you placed your faith? For I tell you, EVERY man has been given the measure of faith. Will you place it in Me? Will you place it in my word? For lo, there are… Continue Reading “Where have you placed it?”

Have you placed it?

What have you done? Have you placed it? Have you placed a demand upon My word? Have you placed a demand upon the anointing? Did I not make it clear? Did I not make it plain? I said command ye Me. I said to… Continue Reading “Have you placed it?”

Have you asked?

Have you asked? Will you receive it? Will you walk in it? For lo, I said ask anything in Jesus name and I will give it thee. I said to ask by faith. Yes, to believe that you receive. Many people ask, yet they… Continue Reading “Have you asked?”

Let it go!

Let it go! Let your praises go forth like a mighty weapon. I say, I have put My words in your mouth. Yes, speak that which is not as though it was. I say, let it go. Let it go and bring forth the… Continue Reading “Let it go!”

What will you ask?

What is it? What will you ask? What will you ask of Me? Is it that which you can see? Is it that which you can touch and feel? Will you ask of Me that which you think I want to hear? I say,… Continue Reading “What will you ask?”

How will you use it?

Tell Me, how will you use it? How will you use your faith? For lo, I have given every man the measure of faith. How will you use it? What will you do with it? Will you build it? Will you make it grow?… Continue Reading “How will you use it?”

Will you step out?

Will you do it? Will you step out? Will you step out in faith? Know this, as you do, I will cause the supernatural to happen. I will go before you and prepare the way, yet you must take that first step. Yes, step… Continue Reading “Will you step out?”

Have you set it?

Have you set it? Have you set your petition before Me? Have you done it by faith? I said, be anxious for nothing, but with thanksgiving let your requests be made known. Am I not able? Am I not capable? I tell you, I… Continue Reading “Have you set it?”

How will you pray?

How is it? How will you pray? Will you pray in the spirit and with understanding? Will you pray according to My word? Will you pray the prayer of faith? Let Me ask you this, will you pray empty prayers? Will you pray out… Continue Reading “How will you pray?”