Category: Faith

Is it empty?

Is it empty? Is it dead and void of power? Did you believe I would do all I said I would? For lo, I said believe that you receive. Many people pray to Me and ask, yet they pray out of their head. I… Continue Reading “Is it empty?”

Have you put forth your hand?

Have you put forth your hand? Have you taken hold of My promises? Have you taken it by faith? How can you grab hold lest you put forth your hand? I say, use the measure of faith I have given you. Put forth your… Continue Reading “Have you put forth your hand?”

Is it too small?

Is it too small? Is it too small a thing for Me? Do you not know I watch over you? I know what you need before you even ask, yet I said to ask ANYTHING in Jesus name. For it is My good pleasure… Continue Reading “Is it too small?”

Will you bring it?

What will you do? Will you bring it? What will you bring? Will you grab hold of that which is unseen and bring it into this world? For lo, I said faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not… Continue Reading “Will you bring it?”

What will it take?

What is it? What will it take? Will you believe when you see? Yet that is not faith. I said blessed are they who have believed yet not seen. You are to walk by faith, not by sight. For without faith it is impossible… Continue Reading “What will it take?”

Will you receive it?

Have you asked of Me? Have you asked in faith? So, when will you receive it? For My word says to believe that you receive it in Jesus name. Are not My promises yes and amen? Then stop doubting. For faith is the substance… Continue Reading “Will you receive it?”

Will you believe it?

Will you believe My word? Will you believe that you receive in faith? Will you allow it to become real and alive in you and to you? For lo, there are far too many who know My word, yet that is all. I said… Continue Reading “Will you believe it?”

How will you see it?

Tell Me, how? How will you see it? Will you see the unseen? Will you see through the eyes of faith? Will you see it as the world and the flesh see it or will you see it by My spirit? I said, I… Continue Reading “How will you see it?”

Must you see it?

What do you look for? What is it? Is it a sign? Is it a wonder? Must you see it? I said blessed are those who have believed and yet not seen. Did you forget? It is a wicked and perverse generation that seeks… Continue Reading “Must you see it?”

Will you work it?

Will you work it? Will you work your faith? Will you work it and cause it to grow? I said faith without works is dead. Too many of those who say they are mine do not work their faith. I have given every man… Continue Reading “Will you work it?”