Category: Faith

Have you heard it?

Have you heard it? Have you heard the beating of My heart? Have you seen it? Have you experienced it? Have you seen and felt My lightnings and thundering? Have you seen the earth move and the mountains shake? Know this, many have heard… Continue Reading “Have you heard it?”

Let Me prove it!

Let Me prove it! Let Me prove My word. Let Me prove My word in you, to you and through you. Let Me prove Myself true and strong on your behalf. Know this, I will prove it. You must be that humble, willing vessel.… Continue Reading “Let Me prove it!”

Will you activate it?

What will you do with your faith? Will you activate it or will you let it lay dormant? For lo, EVERY man has been given the measure of faith, yet many have not activated it. Some have just misplaced it. Others have used it… Continue Reading “Will you activate it?”

How will you pray?

How is it? How will you pray? Will you pray in the spirit and with understanding? Will you pray in faith? Will you pray according to My word, My known will? For lo, many pray out of emotion. Do not be as the hypocrites.… Continue Reading “How will you pray?”

Have you killed it?

What has happened? Has it killed it? I tell you yes, yes it has. For lo, doubt and unbelief are opposite of faith. I said you are to believe that you receive. Do not let doubt and unbelief kill that seed of faith. Do… Continue Reading “Have you killed it?”

Will it be?

Will it happen? Will it be? How much? How little? That is up to you. For I said, such as your faith, be it unto you. What will you put your faith into? Will it be Me or the flesh? Will your faith be… Continue Reading “Will it be?”

Where is your trust?

Where is your trust? Is it in Me? Is it in My word? Is it in My power and ability to do all I said I would? For lo, many have placed their trust in the world. Too many of My people have put… Continue Reading “Where is your trust?”

Have you planted it?

Have you planted it? Have you planted the seed of faith? Have you watered it? Have you watered it with My word? Will you believe? Will you expect a harvest? Tell Me, what will you do? Will you believe Me for that harvest? Will… Continue Reading “Have you planted it?”

What have you put in it?

What is it? What have you put in it? What have you put into your prayers? Are they mighty? Are they effectual? Do they availeth much? For lo, many prayers fall to the ground dead. I tell you, it is because they have put… Continue Reading “What have you put in it?”

Has it grown?

Has it grown? To what size? For lo, I will cause it to grow exponentially. I will cause it to grow to an inordinate size. Will you be as the religious? Will you be as the hypocrite? For it is man who puts limits… Continue Reading “Has it grown?”