Category: Army of the Lord

Will you stand for Me?

Will you stand for Me? Will you stand for Me? Will you stand for what I stand for or will you let the enemy bowl you over? Will you stand up against the world? Stand up against what this world represents? For My people… Continue Reading “Will you stand for Me?”

Have you made a stand?

Have you made a stand? For there are many of My people who have stood for a time, yet many have stood down. They either gave in, gave up or gave all. Have I not said in My word, when you have done all… Continue Reading “Have you made a stand?”

Will you stand and fight?

Will you stand and fight? I have said, fight the good fight of faith. Well, will you stand and fight? Will you fight to keep Me? For many have just let what I have given them slip idly by. They do not fight for… Continue Reading “Will you stand and fight?”