Sound of heaven

Let the sound of heaven come down. Let the sound of heaven flow into you. Let the sound of heaven flow through you. Let the sound of My love, My spirit and My word fill your inner most being. Let it fill you so as it may flow out of you. For lo, I desire for you to be that sound of heaven. I chose you to be the sound of My voice, the sound of My spirit, the sound of My love and My fullness. Lay down your life. Lay down your pride and your flesh. For I will fill you to overflowing so as you may be the sound of Me. So as you may let this world hear My voice, My love, My mercy, My grace and My goodness. For it is My goodness that leads men to repentance. Resonate the glory which resides inside of you. Let it come forth and you will see a great harvest of souls sayeth the Lord of hosts.

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