Can you hear the sound of it?

Can you hear? Can you hear the sound of it? Can you hear the sound of My army gathering together? For lo, I am gathering together a mighty army. Can you hear the roar of their cry? For they cry out for righteousness. They cry out holy. They cry out for the souls of men. Can you hear the sound of it? It is the sound of My pure bride. I tell you this, it IS the sound of My heart beating. For it is the sound of unity. My people are coming together. My body is one as we are one. This is the sound of a holy people united. United in spirit, in truth, in My love and in the fullness of ALL I am. Can you hear the sound? It is the sound of My bride’s heart beating in unison together and beating in unison with My own. I tell you, I AM raising up a mighty people who are willing, obedient and love Me fully and completely. I am raising up those who love NOT their own life unto death and desire Me above all else sayeth the Lord God Almighty.

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