How does it beat?

How does it beat? How does your heart beat? Does it beat to the drum of revival? Does it beat in sync with My own? Does it beat with My love, My mercy and with My grace? Does your heart beat to the sound of the world, the flesh, self and sin? Does it beat to its own sound and on its own accord? Does it beat with religion? Does it beat with doctrines of men? I said in My word, you are either for Me or against Me. You either walk with Me or contrary to Me. It’s My desire that your heart would beat with mine. I would that your heart beat in unison, one with another, in spirit and in truth. Know this, as you humble yourself before Me, lay down your life and love it NOT unto death, your heart will beat as mine. For I made it clear, I said, as I AM so are you on this earth. I will give you My heart, the heart for the lost, the heart for revival sayeth the Mighty Lord of hosts.

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