More than enough!

More than enough. More than enough. More than enough I say! I AM the God of more than enough. I am the Lord God Almighty. I am the God of abundance. Look at the sky and the birds in the air. Look at the diversity of animals, fish and insects. Look at the trees, the plants and the vegetables. Know I created them all. That is in the natural realm. Do you not know I am over abundantly loving, gracious and giving in all things? I said I will supply ALL your needs according to MY riches in glory. The earth is mine and the FULLNESS therein. I will supply all you need abundantly, above and beyond ALL you could ever ask, think or hope for. For you are My child, a joint heir to the throne. Receive of Me. For I love to bless My children. It is and always has been My good pleasure to give you the kingdom, so as you may bring Me glory, honor and praise sayeth the Lord.

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