Can you feel the rumble?

Can you feel it? Can you feel the rumble? Can you feel the shifting in the atmosphere? I tell you, there is a shaking happening. There is a quaking happening. For behold, it is the sound of My army. It is the rumble of those who have fallen asleep awakening. It is the sound of those who have fallen rising up. The rumbling is the beautiful feet of My bride. Behold, she brings good news. I said the gates of hell will NOT prevail. I am raising up an army, pure and holy who are marching to do the will of My heart. They are causing the very gates of hell to fall off their hinges. For lo, they have set their eyes upon Me. They have set their hearts towards Me and nothing can dissuade them or turn them back. Will you be a part of it? Will you be the remnant? Will you be My beloved bride? Choose, I said choose you this day whom you will serve sayeth the Lord God almighty.

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