Will you be a canvas?

Will you be a canvas? I say, be a canvas. For I will paint a mighty picture upon your life. All who see you will see the work I have done. All who see you will see Me, My spirit and My word. Let Me paint the picture I have created you to be. A picture of Me, My love, My mercy, My grace and All I am. For lo, I will cause you to be a mighty work of art in My hand. You are a mighty masterpiece and very valuable to Me. For lo, I paid the highest price for you. Be a canvas for Me to show forth My glory. I will transform you into all I created and designed you to be. For I will cause you to reflect Me, My love and all I am to a lost and dying world sayeth the Lord.

One Comment on “Will you be a canvas?

  1. Oh, paint your picture on me and with me, oh Lord! Let me reflect your mercy and your love as I walk through life. I want to be more and more like you every day. Show me where I need to change to best mirror you and your glory! I love you Jesus! Thank you for letting me love you!!


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