Watch it flash!

Watch it. Yes, watch what it does. I tell you, watch it flash. For I tell you this, My spirit, My power, My presence and My glory will explode over this world, this nation, this state and this city like a flash. Watch it flash. For it will flash like a mighty fire ball. This next great move will happen suddenly. Some will be blinded by it. Some will not be ready. Yet I tell you this, many will receive of it. For I have been preparing an army. I have prepared My remnant. A great harvest of souls will come forth. We will plunder the enemy’s camp. Just as I said, the gates of hell will not prevail. Watch, pray and be full of the oil of My spirit. Those who burn with My fire will not be consumed. Occupy till I come and be ready. For it will flash over and come suddenly like a mighty rushing wind sayeth the Lord.

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