Are you an eye?

Are you an eye? Are you an ear? Are you a finger or a toe? I tell you this, you ARE My body. I am the head. Do not be a mouth only, speaking yet not hearing. Do not be an ear only, hearing but not doing. Each member is an individual yet an integral part of My body. Walk in unity. Unity in My spirit. Unity in My love. For too long, sin, selfishness, denomination, religion and all that seems right to a man has been a cancer in My body. I said a little leaven will leaven the whole lump. I am cutting away the leaven. For I desire a pure bride. I created My people to be perfect as I am perfect, to be holy as I am holy. Walk in the fullness of who I am. Walk in My unity. Unity in spirit, truth, love and My fullness sayeth the Lord.

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