In the beauty of holiness

How will you do it? How will you worship Me? Will you worship Me in the flesh? Will you do it with your own wisdom and understanding? Will you honor Me with your lips and yet have your heart far from Me? It is My desire, yes My longing, that you worship Me in spirit and in truth. Worship Me, in the beauty of holiness. For lo, in Me you ARE holy for I am holy. Love Me, know Me and dwell in My presence. Do not give yourself to another. Let your worship come up before Me as that sweet smelling savor. Let your worship be pure, with all your heart and unrestrained. Worship Me, enter into My presence and let Me love on you as you love on Me sayeth the Lord God Almighty.

One Comment on “In the beauty of holiness

  1. Always awed at how God shows me one thing in so many ways, and reminds me again and again to make sure I get the message!


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