Have you been plucked?

Have you been plucked? For lo, just as a string on an instrument is plucked and resonates, so I desire you. I will pluck you and bring forth My beautiful music. As you lay down your life and love it not unto death, your life will reverberate. Your life will resonate and affect all those near to you. As you become plucked, others will as well. The music created is a unison of sound. It is the sound of My spirit. It is the sound of My love. It is the sound of My word. I say, lay down your life. Allow it to be plucked, so as this world may see Me in you, may hear Me through you and feel My love through you. It is through your intimacy with Me. It will come through your great love, desire and obedience to Me that you will be plucked and resonate so as I may be sounded abroad, lifted up and glorified before all men sayeth the Lord.

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