Is it in sync?

How does it beat? How does your heart beat? Is it in sync? With what? Is it in sync with My heart? Does it beat in unison with My own? For lo, many of those who claim to be mine are not. Their hearts are in sync, yet they are in sync with religion, denomination, deceit and doctrines of devils. I said, how can two walk together lest they agree. How can two walk together in unison, unless they are in sync? When instruments are played in sync, they sound as one big instrument. Yet, when even one is off, all can tell. I desire My body to be in sync with Me. I desire My body to walk in unison, one with another and one with Me, to walk fully in spirit and in truth. Put away all that separates. Lay down pride, selfishness and all manner of the flesh. Allow Me to be the head and you be My body working in unison one with another. For that is how you were created to be sayeth the Lord God Almighty.

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