What’s that sound?

What’s that sound? Do you hear it? It is the sound of the next great move of My spirit. That sound which is soft and barely audible, is the sound of My army. It is the sound of the remnant. That is the sound of the dry bones rustling in the dirt. Let Me give you ears to hear. For the sound is getting louder and louder. That sound, that beautiful sound, it is the sound of My bride. It is the unified sound of her heart beating as one, in sync, one with another and in unison with My own. Will it be a beautiful sound to you? Will you be a part of that sound? Will that sound be an irritant to you and foreign to you? For lo, the sound will become louder and louder. For it is the sound of heaven. It is the sound of My heart. It is the sound of a holy people united, to bring Me glory, honor and praise sayeth the Lord God Almighty.

One Comment on “What’s that sound?

  1. God is leading a revival in our church. We are changing from an insular church to a church who gives away time, people & things, all to be used by God in spreading His Word. Going to Vision night tonight. 🎉🎉 All for The Lord!


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