Has it been pulled?

Has it been pulled? Look and see. Has the string been pulled? I tell you, I will unravel ALL the plans of the enemy. I have pulled the string. At first it may not be noticeable. Yet know this, it has been pulled. Soon, before everyones eyes, the full truth will be revealed. For the fabric of their lies will come undone and fall away. Their nakedness will be exposed. Do not be haughty or proud lest you end up in bed with them. Yes, unless your nakedness be exposed and shown. Be humble, set apart, My holy generation. For I will lift up the righteous men and women who will fully do My will and obey Me completely. For lo, I am coming soon. Wash yourselves. Put on your clean garments. For the wedding supper has been prepared before the presence of your enemies sayeth the Lord. (God spoke this about our nation and its leaders on 10-26-2021)

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