Hear them roar!

Can you hear them? Hear them roar! Hear the sound of My people roar. For I tell you, My people are beginning to awaken. Those who have slept, those who have slumbered have awoken. Those whose have allowed their hair to be cut off just like My servant Sampson, their hair is grown back out. I tell you, I have raised up an army, those who are righteous and holy, who love not their lives unto death. The time is at hand. I am bringing forth a people out of a people. I have spoken, the time is now. Hear them roar and watch as walls fall flat before them. Hear them roar and see the enemy devastated. For I will bring in a great harvest of souls. I will bring in a great harvest of peoples, then I come. Behold, hear them roar, for the time is at hand sayeth the Lord. Will you be a part of it or not? Choose, for I have called. Many are called but few have chosen. Choose to be that mighty man I created you to be sayeth the Lord God Jehovah.

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