Do you want to see it?

Do you want to see it? Do you want to see My glory? Do you want Me to show you My glory? For lo, many say they want it and that they desire it, yet in reality they do not. My glory exposes what is in your heart. My glory shines upon and reveals the hidden things in your life. Yes, there are many who long for My glory, to be purged and cleansed from all that offends and defiles. They hunger and thirst after My righteousness and My truth. They will be filled. Know this, those who seek Me will find Me. Come, dwell in My presence, dwell in My glory. In My glory is transformative power. In My glory is My fullness. Allow Me to wash you, cleanse you and remove EVERY ounce of dross. For I will refine you and you shall be holy, pure, spotless and without reproach before Me sayeth the Lord.

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