Has it been hidden?

Has it been hidden? Well know this, it will be shown forth. I tell you, winter has gone and spring has come. That which has been hidden is beginning to be exposed. Though it may have appeared and seemed dead, life has come forth. Just as in the valley of dry bones, life has come out of death. My righteous bride has prophesied and spoken over and to that which was and appeared dead. Yet, I tell you, life is rearing her head. It may not seem noticeable at first, but suddenly. Suddenly as if out of nowhere it is clearly seen to all. All will see, that which seemed to be dead will sprout up and bring forth life. For I will have a pure bride. I will have a mighty army, full of My fire, full of My spirit and full of My power and word. All will be exposed, those who are mine and those who are not. For I will bring forth the truth and expose the lie sayeth the mighty Lord of hosts.

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